3 Penny Stocks Posting Strong Gains Today

penny stocksThe OTC market continues to be full of volatile stocks today. Former runners like NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (OTC:NEOM) and Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTC:SNPK) have seen better days as both are trading lower today. Not all is bleak in the land of penny stocks though as a few stocks are posting strong gains today.

Overall the stock market is weaker today as selling pressure has all the major indices down on the day. As with any down day, you have analysts coming out saying this is the beginning of a bigger downturn. They said the same back when the Dow lost more than 200 points before rallying back over 13,000. It’s going to take more than one negative day for the market to turn bearish.

Penny Stocks

AiSystems, Inc. (OTC:ASYI) has seen gains of nearly 200% today at $0.0139. ASYI hit an intraday high of $0.0159 earlier today with over 72 million shares traded so far today. AiSystems stock has rallied more than 700% in the past two days.

Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (PINK:CCTC) is up 12% today at $0.01420. CCTC hit an intraday high of $0.15 earlier today. CCTC is trading large volume today with 6.6 million shares traded so far today, 3 times its average volume.

VGTel, Inc. (PINK:VGTL) is up more than 70% in midday trading at $0.5320. VGTL has traded 945 thousand shares today, well above its daily average of 45 thousand shares. The company has a market cap of 6.38 million.

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