4 Hot Penny Stocks Dominating The Market – NSRS, ATRN, HRAL, ATTD

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While the broader market has lacked volatility, penny stocks make their living off whipsawing between positive and negative territory. The broader market has been flirting with Dow 13k all morning on the heels of a possible Greek deal. In the penny stock world, pumps and dumps continue to rule the day. Here are 5 making moves today.

North Springs Resources Corp. (OTC:NSRS) was once the darling of the penny stock promotion world. Down 12% today, the stock is reeling from its dump that started earlier this month. The stock is a cautionary tale for traders out there looking to play the penny stock promotions. Never shoot for the home-run.

The company continues to pour out press releases at an absurd clip. News out of the company today has them announcing funding for the next stage of exploration at their Imperial Property.

Atrinsic Inc. (OTC:ATRN) continues to trade in a range as the stock looks for any direction. Down 10% today, ATRN continues to be pushed by message boards and other online forums. The company has been quiet on the news front. Volume continues to eclipse its 3-month average. For all but the most risk-tolerant traders, this is one you definitely watch from the sidelines, regardless of what the message boards say.

Hear Atlast Holdings (OTC:HRAL) is the epitome of a gap and fade. Riding a pre-market press release, shares of HRAL are still up over 60%. This is down heavily from its high set out of the gate this morning. Volume has blown the door of its 3-month average. I’m sure you’ll see landing pages for newsletters claiming the gain as their own within days. Nothing like a gap trap to boost memberships.

Attitude Drinks Incorporated (OTC:ATTD) is riding a solid 50% intra-day gain. The company announced a distributor for its Phase III Recovery drink in the Dayton Beach area of Florida. Volume on the stock is triple the three month average with 3 hours of trading remaining. Should be noted that this company is still a subpenny, so the risk to traders is substantial with any run-up.

For more coverage of penny stocks check out https://www.pennystockstrategy.com.

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