5 Penny Stocks With Volume To Watch: GWBU, GEAR, ITNS, DOMK, ATRN

Wall Street signPenny stocks have resumed their volatile ways midway through the Monday market session. The big pump of GWBU is still floundering, failing to gain the traction and upward trajectory of previous AwesomePennyStocks pumps. The normal pump cycle is measured in weeks for them, so it could still go but is look awfully shaky.

Other plays in the otc space include a new pump along with some older chat-room and message board plays. Like everything penny stocks, traders should be aware of the risk and be highly risk-tolerant before making moves into the market. Get Free Stock Alerts

The broader market is enjoying a bit of a bounce today after losing ground in 12 of the last 13 sessions. The Facebook IPO was a complete bust out of the gate and is now trading well under its initial IPO price. All the hype in the world could not help in maintain $38 this morning as it plowed through it.

Penny Stocks

Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC:GWBU), the latest pump from the same group who did SNPK, is off to a slow start and is down nearly 10% today at $1.45. GWBU has traded 12 million shares so far today. Great Wall Builders is also releasing daily PRs in conjunction with the pump in order to increase investor awareness. On Friday, Great Wall Builders signed an international distribution contract for 8 million euros of start FEED units in Europe.

Gear International Inc. (PINK:GEAR) is up 76.72% today at $0.0410 with an intraday high of $0.0444. GEAR has traded more than 31 million shares so far today. Gear International released updated financial statements on Sunday which the company says shows improvement in asset value and cash on balance from 2010 to the current fiscal year. Sign Up For Free Alerts

Itonis Inc (PINK:ITNS) is up 16.37% in midday trading at $0.0398 with an intraday high of $0.05. ITNS has traded 11.2 million shares so far today. ITNS shares opened at nearly its high of the day and quickly fell to $0.341 before bouncing slightly.

DoMark International, Inc. (OTC:DOMK) is down 11.94% today at $2.36. DOMK has traded 347 thousand shares so far today and trades 560 thousand shares a day on average. DOMK shares dropped more than 50% earlier this month after the stock rallied from $1 to $4. DOMK then saw a bounce from $1.80 to around $2.80 before falling today.

Atrinsic, Inc. (PINK:ATRN) is down 20.34% in midday trading at $0.0710. ATRN has traded 4.6 million shares so far today and trades 4.9 million shares a day on average. ATRN opened the day around $0.06, fell to $0.0472 in the first 30 minutes and then recovered the rest of the morning. Sign Up For Free Alerts

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