7 Active Penny Stocks With Heavy Volume

penny stocksVolatility. That’s what defines a penny stock runner. It can go either way in a split second but to fans of the otc/otcbb market, that’s what it is all about. The shortened week did not disappoint with several stocks keeping up with their pumps, while others were message board runners.

The broader market was a mixed bag as investors looked for direction. The jobs report beat estimates, but the BLS statistics are getting laughable at this point. The previous week gets adjusted upward to account for a drop this week. With traders looking forward to the extended weekend stocks ended the day mostly flat. The Dow dropped 15, the Nasdaq added 12 and the S&P dropped a point.

High Volume Penny Stocks

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. (OTC:SNPK) closed Thursday up 13% at $1.13. SNPK saw 11.8 million shares in volume today and trades 20.1 million shares a day on average. SNPK shares continue to trend higher as the pump behind it remains steady. Be wary of these pumps though, they have the tendency to fall very quickly without warning.

Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC:CBIS) rose 1.21% on Thursday and closed at $0.1670. CBIS saw big volume today with 20.4 million shares traded. CBIS shares jumped more than 60% since last Friday.

HDS International Corp. (PINK:HDSI) closed up nearly 40% at $0.0145 Thursday. HDSI saw huge volume today with 86 million shares traded. Traders flocked to this stock looking for a bounce after the stock fell from $0.15 to $0.01 in the past few days. HDSI ended up hitting a high of $0.02 in early trading today.

Herborium Group, Inc. (PINK:HBRM) finished the day up 41% at $0.0144. HBRM traded 125 million shares today. HBRM shares jumped about 200% in the past week.

SEFE, Inc. (OTC:SEFE) closed Thursday unchanged at $1.19. SEFE traded 1.4 million shares today, 4 times its average volume. SEFE shares jumped around $0.30 in the past five trading sessions. The company has a market cap of 72.61 million.

FrogAds, Inc. (OTC:FROG) closed down 18.02% on Thursday at $0.1410. FROG traded over 3 million shares today, double its normal volume. FROG shares had jumped about 80% earlier on the week thanks to stock promotions and news about their ads appearing on CNBC.

Stevia First Corp. (OTC:STVF) jumped 12.27% on Thursday and closed at $2.47. STVF traded 2.2 million shares and trades 4.5 million shares a day on average. STVF shares rose about $1 a share over the past week.

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