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Pre-Market Winners for June 5: GNOM, AMLN, WPRT, JRCC, CLNE

Wall StreetComplete Genomics, Inc. (NASDAQ:GNOM) is up 11.76% this morning at $2.28. GNOM has traded 26 thousand shares in pre market and trades 1.79 million shares a day on average. Complete Genomics announced this morning it is cutting jobs and reviewing its strategic alternatives. The company has a market cap of 69.13 million.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMLN) is up 3% in pre market trading at $27.43. AMLN has traded 30 thousand shares so far today and averages 4.6 million shares daily. Reports have come out that Amylin Pharmaceuticals attracted offers valuing the company at $25 to $29 and are preparing for another round of bidding. The company has a market cap of 4.34 billion. [Read more...]

Active Stocks in Pre-Market: AUXL, DNDN, SIRI, GALE, IMGN, ARNA

Wall StreetAuxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AUXL) is up 15.12% in pre market trading at $21.70. AUXL has traded 115 thousand shares already this morning and trades 474 thousand shares a day on average. AUXL shares are up this morning after announcing positive top-line results from Phase III trials of XIAFLEX. The company has a market cap of 910.55 million.

Dendreon Corp. (NASDAQ:DNDN) is down 5.03% this morning at $6.42. DNDN has traded 84 thousand shares so far today and trades 6.6 million shares a day on average. Dendreon’s price target was lowered to $11 from $13 today at RW Baird. The company has a market cap of 998.77 million. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Rise on Poor Jobs Report, Gold Stocks: ABX, KGC, AUY, NEM, GG, GFI, IAG, EGO

Gold pricesA poor jobs report has investors flocking to safe haven investments such as gold today. The economy created only 69,000 jobs in May and the unemployment rate rose from 8.1% to 8.2%. Many analysts believe a QE 3 announcement could happen this summer due to all of the poor economic data.

Doug Roberts, a managing partner at Channel Capital Research, said the sell off continuing “really depends on the government.” He added, “If they start making news about QE3, than you can start to see this (selloff) is going to be relatively short-lived.”

The only thing in the green today are metals. Spot gold prices are up more than $50 this morning at $1,616.30. [Read more...]

Gold and Silver Prices Volatile Amid Backdrop of Europe. Stocks to Watch: KGC, NEM, GFI, ABX, SLW, HL, AGQ, SLV

Gold and silverMay has not been kind to the metals market. The upheaval in Europe caused many investors to cut positions in gold and silver to try and stabilize their losses in both the equity and forex markets. In the short term the uncertainty is expected to temper any gold rally but long-term it could serve as a catalyst because it would force central banks back into printing to shore up any liquidity crunch.

Domestically the macro data emerging today points to a recovery that really isn’t a recovery. Jobless claims inched closer to 400k, coming in at 388k. ADP numbers also showed a slowing private sector growth trajectory. All of this is on the backdrop of Europe which seems to be unable to figure out a sustainable solution to the banking and sovereign debt issues.

A current snapshot of gold and silver has gold prices down $4.70 to $1557 per ounce. Silver is following gold’s volatile lead, down 8 cents to $27.85 per ounce. [Read more...]

Silver and Gold Prices Extend Losses As Euro Crisis Ramps Up. Stocks to Watch: EGO, KGC, NEM, AUY, SLW, HL, SVM, AGQ, SLV

Gold and silverEuro concerns continue to rule over the market. The rumor mill yesterday of renewed stimulus out of China was just that, a rumor. The continual upheaval in Europe is weighing on the gold and silver both as investors flee into the dollar.

Physical demand for both has been tempered by a lack of price direction. Investors are sitting on the sidelines to see how many shoes drop on the global economy. Your normal doom and gloomers are pushing gold for the long-term, but short-term the downward pressure on the metals could be significant if the EU unwinds in a dramatic fashion.

Silver and gold bulls both thrive off of QE and other easing policies. If the Fed comes out with a definitive statement one way or the other it could give the price direction investors are looking for.

Currently the spot price for gold is down $13 to $1541.70 per ounce. Silver prices are also taking a hit, down 23 cents to $27.65 per ounce. [Read more...]

Silver Prices Up Slightly As Euro Woes Weigh. Silver Stocks to Watch: SLW, HL, AGQ, SLV, EXK, PAAS, CDE, SSRI

Gold and silverSilver prices are essentially flat as Euro concerns continue to weigh on the silver and gold market. The pressure at $30 per ounce seems to be keeping any silver rally in check. Also if Spain was to ask for a bailout similar to Greece it could send the metal lower in short-term as investors would flock to the dollar.

Mid to long-term the rebound would be just as dramatic due to the fiscal situation in the United States. A read of consumer confidence shows a gloomier lookout for future conditions. What silver and gold bulls need is a definitive statement from the Fed regarding a new round of easing. The constant waffling in the statements is preventing any real breakout in the metals market.

Currently the silver spot price is up 9 cents per ounce to $28.52. [Read more...]

Silver Prices Whipsaw on Euro Woes. Silver Stocks to Watch: HL, SLW, AGQ, SLV, EXK, CDE, AG, PAAS

Gold and silverIn typical American fashion a three-day weekend is actually a four day one. Volume is expected to be anemic at best today as traders gear up for the unofficial start of summer. Europe continues to weigh on the market as Spain’s banking woes grow by the minute.

In the coming weeks expect the push for Euro bonds to reach a fever pitch as the EU continues to search for a solution to the sovereign debt crisis and banking woes.

Currently the silver spot price is up 7 cents to $28.39 per ounce. [Read more...]

6 NYSE Stocks Trading Lower This Morning: TIF, SIG, LDK, PCX, LNKD, STP

Traders at the NYSETiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) is down 8.95% this morning at $56.27. TIF has traded 6.6 million shares so far today, 3 times its average volume. TIF shares are lower today after the company cut its outlook due to slowing demand. The company has a market cap of 7.09 billion.

Signet Jewelers Limited (NYSE:SIG) is down 9.05% today at $43.42. SIG has traded 2.2 million shares so far today, 3 times its average volume. SIG shares are down today due to Signet lowering its second quarter profit forecast to $0.78 to $0.84 a share, less than expectations of $0.89 a share. The company has a market cap of 3.80 billion. [Read more...]

Pre Market Gainers and Losers for May 24: P, ROSG, CLDX, NTAP, HPQ, TIF

Wall StreetPandora Media, Inc. (NYSE:P) is up 18.59% in pre market trading at $12.25. P has traded 128 thousand shares so far today and trades 3.3 million shares a day on average. P shares are rising following better than expected quarterly results. Pandora saw a 58% increase in revenue to $80.8 million, beating expectations of $74.3 million. The company has a market cap of 1.70 billion.

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (NASDAQ:ROSG) is up 12.01% in pre market trading at $12.59. ROSG has traded 104 thousand share so far today and trades 834 thousand shares a day on average. ROSG shares have rallied nearly $8 a share over the past week. [Read more...]

NYSE Stocks in the Red This Morning: FRO, QIHU, MTL, HGT, RDN, MUX

Traders at the NYSEFrontline Ltd. (NYSE:FRO) is down 8.47% today at $4.97. FRO has traded 579 thousand shares so far today and trades 2.6 million shares a day on average. FRO shares rallied about $0.80 earlier this week before selling off. The company has a market cap of 386.76 million.

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (NYSE:QIHU) is down 7.85% this morning at $19.72. QIHU has traded 2.4 million shares so far today, 400 thousand shares more than its daily average. QIHU shares are down today despite posting a beat on EPS, revenue and second quarter guidance yesterday. The company has a market cap of 2.36 billion. [Read more...]

Pre Market Winners and Losers for May 23: RCON, TTWO, ZLC, DELL, TSL, FRO

Wall StreetRecon Technology, Ltd. (NASDAQ:RCON) is up 70.30% in pre market trading at $2.81. RCON has traded 20 thousand shares so far today and trades 312 thousand shares a day on average. Recon announced this morning it has won a major contract of PCS and SIS systems in Turkmenistan. The company has a market cap of 6.52 million.

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO) is up 5.29% this morning at $11.75. TTWO trades about 1.4 million shares a day on average. Take Two announced fourth quarter results yesterday and saw its net loss triple, but sales beat forecast. The company has a market cap of 999.68 million. [Read more...]

Stock Futures Absorb Japanese Downgrade, Temper Rally. Stocks to Watch: VOD, SIRI, DRYS, ZNGA, ARNA, BBY, NOK

Stock FuturesAn overnight downgrade of Japanese sovereign bond rating by Fitch is tempering futures action domestically. The broad based rally yesterday was a welcome respite after 12 losing sessions out of 13. The lack of any bad news out of Europe is also helping bolster markets both overseas and domestically. Dow futures are currently up 27 points, Nasdaq futures 10 and the S&P nearly 4 points.

The hope among market watchers is that EU leaders will move swiftly to shore up confidence in the European markets. Probably a misguided hope – when do politicians ever do anything swiftly except raise money? Regardless it is giving markets the opportunity to take a breather after getting pummeled in recent weeks.

Domestically, the big economic data point will be existing home sales at 10am EST. Analysts are expecting a rise from 4.48 million in March to 4.6 million. Obviously a miss here would weigh on the market as a whole due to the housing market’s lack of overall recovery.

Commodities are mostly negative with both gold and oil turning south. Oil prices are down slightly with Nymex crude futures down 24 cents to $92.33. Gold futures are also giving up ground, with prices down $8.30 to $1580.50 per ounce.

In forex, the dollar continues to trade higher against the Euro with the DXY at 81.25. The Euro is slipping this morning, down to 1.2759. [Read more...]

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