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Hot Stocks to Watch: NEON, TFM, ISR, OSIR, DGIT, FCEL, ARNA

Wall Street signSo much for the housing recovery. If Europe was not enough of a concern, the pending home sales index is sure to give investors pause. An index of pending home sales saw its first drop in four months, deepening the already dark mood that is pervasive on the street today.

Internationally, the mood is especially dark as Spanish bond yields reach unsustainable levels. A plan is being floated to allow the permanent rescue fund to directly recapitalize ailing EU banks. Currently the fund can only lend out the money to the member states who can then bail out ailing banks. This would make the process more streamlined. Sign Up For Free Alerts

Another part of the proposal is common EU bonds, which Germany is strongly against. As the strongest economy in the EU, they do not want to be set up to foot the bill of ailing member states.

A current snapshot of market has the Dow down 151, the Nasdaq 42 and the S&P 18. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: LCRY, IBI, CNTF, AONE, GENE, VIP

Wall Street signStocks are getting a boost today today from a Greek poll and China’s move towards more stimulus measures. The Greek poll in question showed a majority of Greeks wanting to stay in the EU. Granted the devil is in the details and the same poll shows the anti-bailout parties with growing leads heading into the June elections. China’s move into more growth oriented policies is also helping bolster stocks.

Domestically the data is more muddled. The Case Shiller index showed that housing prices had not dipped further. The markets are taking an optimistic view of that as any silver lining for housing is a good sign. Consumer confidence did take an unexpected hit with the print missing expectations. Consumers are becoming more pessimistic about future conditions. More than likely this is due to the steady diet of poor news out of the EU entering the psyche of the consumer. Sign Up For Free Alerts

A current snapshot of the market has the Dow up 87, off its session highs. The Nasdaq and S&P are both up 17 and 8 points respectively. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: GNOM, PACB, FRO, NEPT, MRGE, RUE

Wall Street signStocks are wavering this morning as they digest news out of Spain that more banks will be lining up for government bailouts. Continual EU woes coupled with low volume heading into Memorial Day is keeping any gains the market could log in check.

Domestically the markets did get a small boost from consumer confidence numbers that suprised to the upside. Sign Up For Free Alerts

A quick check at the markets has the Dow down 6, the Nasdaq flat and the S&P up 2 points. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Get a Snap Back Rally. Gold Stocks to Watch: ABX, AUY, GSS, KGC, NEM, GG, EGO, GFI

Gold pricesAfter yesterday’s route, gold bulls are breathing a sigh of relief as the metal is rebounding. Concerns over Europe are still there and in the short-term could temper any rally in gold prices. The dollar’s gain in recent days has also helped drive gold prices lower.

Long-term, many analysts expect gold to resume its overall trend higher as the global economy continues to falter. If the US economy takes a step back and QE comes back into the picture, expect that to be the rally catalyst gold bulls are looking for.

Currently gold prices are up $26 per ounce to $1574. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Pummeled Ahead of EU Summit. Gold Stocks to Watch: GSS, KGC, AUY, ABX, GG, EGO, NEM, GFI

Wall Street signWith the EU summit in full swing, gold prices are getting hammered as investors fret over the likelihood of a Greek exit from the EU. While leaders have pledged to to do all they can to keep the country within the Euro, the writing is on the wall for the country. The can kicking can keep up for so long before it breaks.

With EU fears back at the forefront, the market as a whole is deep in the red with nearly every major sector following it down. Some gold analysts predict that once Greece has a clear path, gold prices should start to recover.

Currently, the gold spot price is down nearly $30 an ounce to $1539. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Down as EU Continues to Weigh Heavily on Traders. Gold Stocks to Watch: KGC, GSS, ABX, NEM, AUY, GG, NG, GFI

Gold pricesGold is dipping some today, snapping a three day win streak as worries in EU has sent the dollar up against the euro. June gold futures are sitting at $1,582.40 right now after being as low as $1,572.00 earlier today. The sovereign debt problems in Europe continue to be a source of uncertainty in the markets, especially the financial ones.

The problem gold faces is that this uncertainty can lead to demand for gold as a safe haven, but any bad news from the EU will hurt the euro which in turn impact demand for gold and cause the dollar to rise. [Read more...]

5 Penny Stocks With Volume To Watch: GWBU, GEAR, ITNS, DOMK, ATRN

Wall Street signPenny stocks have resumed their volatile ways midway through the Monday market session. The big pump of GWBU is still floundering, failing to gain the traction and upward trajectory of previous AwesomePennyStocks pumps. The normal pump cycle is measured in weeks for them, so it could still go but is look awfully shaky.

Other plays in the otc space include a new pump along with some older chat-room and message board plays. Like everything penny stocks, traders should be aware of the risk and be highly risk-tolerant before making moves into the market. Get Free Stock Alerts

The broader market is enjoying a bit of a bounce today after losing ground in 12 of the last 13 sessions. The Facebook IPO was a complete bust out of the gate and is now trading well under its initial IPO price. All the hype in the world could not help in maintain $38 this morning as it plowed through it. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Eye 1600 Level. Gold Stocks to Watch: NEM, AUY, KGC, ABX, GG, GFI, AU, NG

Gold and silverAfter a pointless G8 meeting over the weekend, gold prices are looking at the 1600 level as the next barrier to breach. Though whipsawing between positive and negative moves today, the metal has recovered a good chunk of the ground it lost over the previous weeks.

Other news out of Europe has Greece hurtling towards a fresh round of elections on June 17. A planned EU meeting is expected to have French President Hollande pushing for EU bonds. German Chancellor Merkel is almost assuredly going to balk at this notion. The whole EU saga has become a question of growth policy (read spending) vs austerity. Expect volatility in the commodity space until the markets get a firm look at the direction the EU will take in regards to Greece.

Currently the gold spot price is down 70 cents to $1591.40 per ounce. [Read more...]

Silver Prices Eyeing the $30 Level Again. Silver Stocks to Watch: SLW, AGQ, SLV, HL, PAAS, CDE, SVM, EXK

Gold and silverAfter getting crushed for weeks, silver seems to have found its bottom and is rocketing off of it. Approaching $29 per ounce, the metal is being buoyed be renewed talks of QE3 and further monetary easing. The ongoing EU saga is also helping push the metal off its lows. Silver bulls are counting on a deteriorating atmosphere there which will have investors rushing into safe havens such as gold and silver.

The current silver spot price is up 86 cents to $28.91. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: MEG, GALE, MUX, SHLD, FFN, ARRY

Market newsNot even Wal Mart can save the market today which is heading for yet another loss. Macro data from the Philly Fed and the ongoing Europe struggles continue to weigh on the market. The IMF just released a statement saying that the ECB may need to do more to shore up confidence and the markets.

Check out Penny Stock Strategy for the latest coverage of penny stocks.

One piece of good news came from jobless claims. They held steady at 370k after being revised up slightly from the week prior. Still shows that the labor market is anemic but it is not slumping just yet. Needless to say investors will be watching that gauge as we head into summer.

Currently the Dow is off 45 points, the Nasdaq 17 and the S&P 5. [Read more...]

Silver Prices Getting Hammered By Euro Rumor Mill. Silver Stocks to Watch: SLW, HL, AGQ, SLV, SVM, EXK, SSRI, GPL

Gold and silverIn what is quickly turning into a repeat of 2011, silver is getting hammered by rumors out of Europe that would hope to rescue the dire situation. The turmoil out of the continent is wreaking havoc on the precious metals market with silver losing its grip on $30 per ounce.

Long-term if the situation deteriorates most analysts think the market will recover as investors flee into hard assets such as gold and silver. Question remains, how low will the prices go before you see that snap back rally?

Currently the silver spot price is down 6 cents to $27.66 per ounce. [Read more...]

NYSE Stocks Dipping Today: LPR, CEL, PCX, MUX, ANR, JAG

Wall StreetLone Pine Resources Inc. (NYSE:LPR) is down 20.08% this morning at $3.94. LPR has traded 1.7 million shares so far today, 4 times its average volume. Lone Pine Resources announced first quarter results late yesterday. Lone Pine reported a net loss of $0.07 per diluted share compared to $0.02 per diluted share a year ago. The company has a market cap of 335 million.

Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE:CEL) is down 15.31% today at $8.85. CEL has traded 1.1 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 302 thousand shares. CEL shares continue to drop today after Cellcom Israel reported first quarter results. Cellcom Israel reported earnings fell 44%. The company has a market cap of 881.40 million. [Read more...]

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