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Market Chart

Markets Waver After President Obama’s Press Conference

Today’s markets are trying to rebound this morning and have begun posting small gains across the boards. The Dow is up 8 points at this juncture this morning. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are both posting small gains as well with a 20 and 4 point increase respectively. President Obama announced in a press conference

Ben Bernanke

Markets Rebound on News Fed May Launch a New Stimulus Package

The market has been posting some strong gains this morning with the Nasdaq leading with an increase of 1.44%. The S&P 500 follows with a 1.24% gain and the Dow brings up the rear with a gain of 1.20%. All of today’s gains come after the announcement by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke that a

European Union

European Debt Worries Lead to a Sluggish Market

The market has been trading very sluggish this morning as worries continue to grow over the debt problems within the European Union. The Dow has just recently climbed into the positive showing a small gain of 10 points. The Nasdaq is still hovering around neutral and is down less than a point. The Standard and

June Jobs Report

Stocks Lower Following Jobs Data

Wall Street was stunned today by a disastrous June jobs report from the Labor Department. The economy added only 18,000 jobs last month, way below most analysts’ expectations of 125,000 jobs. This jobs report came as a shock to investors who were optimistic about the economy the past few weeks following improving manufacturing news and


Market Rebounds on Positive Employment News

The market has continued to show resiliency after some shaky global economic news started the markets very sluggish yesterday. The Dow is up 86 points this morning a rise of .7%. The Nasdaq has climbed 36 points while the S&P 500 has risen 12 points. Today’s positive gains come as some positive employment news spread

Nasdaq Wall

Market Trends up Slightly Amid World Economic Jitters

The market is edging up slightly this morning with the Dow climbing 36 points heading into midday trading. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are both showing slightly positive gains climbing .18% and .02% respectively. The markets have been fairly weak today as Portugal’s credit rating was downgraded and news that China raised its interest rates.

Nasdaq Stocks

Market Waivers to Start Holiday Shortened Week

The market are showing very little movement so far this morning. The Dow is down 17 points this morning while the Nasdaq and S&P 500 are trading right at neutral. With the holiday shortened week expected to keep volume down and increase the chance of volatility. There is some positive factors to keep in mind.

Greece Protest

Markets Trend Up on Second Greek Austerity Vote

The markets are on the rise this morning with the Dow leading the surge climbing 1.14%. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are following closely behind as the have seen rises of 1.11% and .93% respectively. The surge today comes as confidence continues to grow as the Greek Parliament members passed a law permitting the implementation

Greeks protesting

Market Up Three Days in a Row Following Greece Vote

The market finished the day in the green as hopes over Greece debt crisis helped push stocks higher for 3 straight days. The Greek Parliament passed new austerity measures today which will pave the way for the country to receive more aid. Another big piece of news today, was that Bank of America settled the

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