Evergreen Solar Shares Rise on Solar Panel Certification

Evergreen Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ:ESLR) shares jumped up this morning rising $.18 to $2.14 per share.  Experiencing nearly double its daily average trading volume the 10% jump has allowed Evergreen Solar, Inc. to see nearly 1.8 million shares traded heading into lunchtime trading hour.

Evergreen Solar shares are riding the news that their ES-A and ES-E series high quality String Ribbon solar panels are among the first to be certified as ammonia gas resistant. This certification allows for Evergreen Solar’s ES-a and ES-E to be used in Ammonia rich enviroments such as livestock barns where high concentrations of ammonia gas is generated.

Evergreen Solar String Ribbon panels are manufactured using its proprietary technology, which is the most environmentally friendly process on the market, to produce the Solar panels with a 30% smaller carbon footprint and a 12 month energy payback.

About  Evergreen Solar Inc
Evergreen Solar, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets solar power products primarily in the United States and Europe. The company manufactures String Ribbon solar panels utilizing its proprietary wafer manufacturing technology, which involves a process to produce multi-crystalline silicon wafers by growing thin strips of silicon that are cut into wafers.

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