Gerald Celente Joins Jim Rogers on the Ron Paul Train

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    Ron Paul is coming off a rather strong showing in Iowa and has the most fervent support of any GOP candidate. While the GP nomination looks unlikely, it is becoming increasingly clear that Paul is considering bolting from the party. This would set up an interesting dynamic if he ran as a third party candidate. While conventional wisdom says that this would benefit Obama, I think his support among the college aged voters is strong enough to cause issues for both parties.

    Gerald Celente is joined by his fellow doom and gloomer, Jim Rogers. Late in December, Rogers gave an interview where he gave a tacit endorsement of Ron Paul. He hedged by saying he doesn’t endorse candidates, but he remarked that Ron Paul’s ideas were good for America. His position as a mainstream commodity trader prevents him from a more full-throated endorsement, but it is safe to say their political ideals when it relates to economic policy align closely.

    In the end both nods to Ron Paul may be meaningless if he doesn’t go the third party route. It is safe to say the GOP establishment will not allow him to have the same meteoric climb that all the other candidates had (see Bachman, Cain, Santorum, Gingrich). His solid fundraising and base would serve a third party better than they would the two big parties. The enthusiasm level is for a more libertarian look versus the status quo the GOP and DNC espouse.

    Celente’s full comments on Coast to Coast are below.

    Gerald Celente: The first top trend of 2012 is called economic martial law. The systems are collapsing. You do not fix them by dumping more money on top of them. You have a 3rd mortgage? How about a 4th…that’s going to solve the problem. So what we’re saying is, watch out for a bank holiday.

    Rob Simone: And you don’t fix it by putting more police on the streets. How about this for a suggestion… instead of responding to the Occupy movement by using tear gas and everything else, why not get a jobs program for people under 25, forgive student loans, and put a moratorium on foreclosures?

    GC: As I said, when you look at who’s running the government, it’s not in their interest. These are money junkies, and they range from psychopath, to sociopaths, to money junkies across the line. Look at the Republican debates, and again, as you mentioned, I’m a political atheist, I want to make it very clear at this point I would vote for Ron Paul. I don’t agree with a lot of things he says, but on the major issues about ending the war.

    RS: Well he’s the only guy talking about reeling in the Federal Reserve.

    GC: And reeling in the Federal Reserve, and bringing all the troops home, and stopping these senseless wars. Whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, the new predator drone wars, the mission creep that continues to go on and the war on drugs. – Coast to Coast AM, January 5th

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