Hot Stocks to Watch: HEAT, MAGS, GMXR, DANG, PPO, AVP

Wall StreetThe street is taking hits from all sides today. The FOMC minutes yesterday. The Spanish auction today. All the ingredients for a sharp sell off and that’s what we are are seeing intraday. Just when you thought Europe was being saved you get the news; nope, still an ongoing concern. At least today we don’t have to hear about Greece. It is all about Spain and their budgetary concerns coupled with a weak bond auction.

Decliners are leading the advancers by a 6-1 margin. Current market action is decidedly to the downside. The Dow is giving up 163 points, the Nasdaq 52 and the S&P 500 17.

Not every stock is mired in the red today. There are some advancers.

Hot Stocks to Watch

SmartHeat Inc. (NASDAQ:HEAT) is up 48% today at $7.75. HEAT is rallying on huge volume with 3.4 million shares traded, way above its daily average of 72 million shares. HEAT shares continue to rally after the company promised new cost cutting measures to maintain control of its budget. HEAT shares have rallied more than 200% in the past two days. The company has a market cap of 27.91 million.

Magal Security Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:MAGS) is up 32.35% this morning at $6.03. MAGS has traded 3.1 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 46 thousand shares. MAGS shares are up today after the company reported strong fourth quarter results this morning. MAGS posted EPS of $0.27 a share compared to a loss of $0.14 a share a year ago. The company has a market cap of 93.65 million.

GMX Resources Inc. (NYSE:GMXR) is up 24.81% today at $1.5601. GMXR has traded 3.8 million shares this morning, double its daily average. GMXR shares are rallying after the company announced its successfully drilled its fourth well in the Bakken Shale. The company has a market cap of 92.90 million.

E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (NYSE:DANG) is up 4.61% this morning at $9.05. DANG has traded 2.9 million shares so far today and is nearing its daily average of 3 million shares. DANG shares are up $1.50 in the past four days. The company has a market cap of 717.77 million.

Polypore International Inc. (NYSE:PPO) is up 4.56% today at $37.12. PPO has traded 1.4 million shares so far today and trades 2.3 million shares a day on average. Polycore shares jumped this morning on news that GM plans early restart of Volt production. The company has a market cap of 1.72 billion.

Avon Products Inc. (NYSE:AVP) is up 2.66% this morning at $22.78. AVP has traded 6.2 million shares in early trading and trades 6.6 million shares a day on average. AVP shares are up $4 this week. News came out earlier today that the company’s CEO saw pay reduced by 23% in 2011. The company has a market cap of 9.78 billion.

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