Investors Look Ahead to Fed Meeting and 6 Hot Stocks to Watch: CDTI, PWAV, YOKU, YELP, EXC, JVA

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The Fed is expected to come back into sharp focus as investors await news from their upcoming meeting. While most observers thing that the Fed will hold off on any new rounds of stimulus, they think it is becoming an eventuality.

While the data has been on a positive trajectory, the numbers under the numbers paint a less than rosy picture. The labor market is being bolstered by temp jobs. Is that sustainable in the long-term? Will it lead to a crimp in consumer spending. Will final demand be depressed due to rising fuel prices? All of these questions face the fed as they decide what to do to keep the economy in recovery mode.

Outside of the Fed statement, investors are looking forward to February retail sales numbers. Expected at 8:30am EST, they are expected to show a 1.1 percent gain. Most of that will be attributable to the jump in gasoline prices and auto sales. The rise in gas prices could also crimp fed action due to inflationary concerns.

Hot Stocks

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDTI) closed Monday up 55.95% at $4.85. CDTI jumped on heavy volume today with 7.4 million shares traded, well above its daily average of 258 thousand shares. Clean Diesel rose today after announcing positive fourth quarter results. The company has a market cap of 34.81 million.

Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV) closed the day up 41.55% at $2.01. PWAV traded more than 3 million shares today, more than 4 times its usual volume. PWAV shares are up about $0.80 over the past few days. Powerwave rose another 3.48% in after hours trading to $2.09. The company has a market cap of 63.80 million.

Youku Inc. (NYSE:YOKU) finished Monday up 27.35% at $31.85. YOKU traded 26.9 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 2.3 million shares. YOKU shares rose today on news that they will buy Todou in $1 billion stock deal. Youku shares fell slightly in after hours to $31.51. The company has a market cap of 3.63 billion.

Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP) closed Monday up 13.59% at $22.49. YELP traded 1.3 million shares today and trades about 1.7 million shares on average. Yelp shares bounced back on Monday after falling from around $24 to under $20 in the past four days. YELP fell in nearly 4% in after hours trading at $21.59. The company has a market cap of 381.34 million.

Exelon Corporation (NYSE:EXC) closed Monday up 2.31% at $39.81. EXC traded heavy volume today with 21.7 million shares traded, 3 times its average volume. Exelon completed the acquisition of Constellation Energy earlier today. EXC shares rose slightly in after hours trading to $39.86. The company has a market cap of 26.42 billion.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. (NASDAQ:JVA) finished the day up 21.32% at $12.86. JVA rallied on heavy volume today with 5.6 million shares traded, well above its daily average of 342 thousand shares. JVA shares continue to rise following the company’s release of positive quarterly results on Friday. JVA jumped another 2.64% in after hours trading to $13.30. The company has a market cap of 81.94 million.

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