iPhone 4S Available For Pre-Orders On Friday

Apple Inc. is taking pre-orders for its new iPhone 4S starting on Friday. This will allow Apple fans who can’t wait to purchase the latest iphone version a chance to order it early and receive it on release day. The iPhone 4S has a faster processor, a better camera and a voice-activated personal assistant service called Siri. It also runs the latest version of Apple’s iOS mobile software, iOS 5, as well as its new iCloud content syncing service.

The newest iPhone officially goes on sale October 14. The iPhone 4S will be available in black or white and will be available at three wireless providers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and for the first time, Sprint Nextel Corp. It will range in cost from $199 for the 16G, $299 for the 32G, and $399 for the 64G. All versions will require a two year service contract.

On Thursday, a day before pre-orders began, Sprint announced that it would be the only U.S. carrier to offer an unlimited data plan for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. “Our unlimited data plans are the perfect fit for iPhone customers,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse in a statement. “Sprint’s unlimited data plans provide more value than metered plans from other carriers. Our customers can take advantage of the innovative features of iPhone without worrying about overage charges or surprises on their bill.”

Sprint’s unlimited data plans (which each include unlimited text messaging) start at just $69.99 per month with 450 minutes of talk time, $89.99 for unlimited data with 900 minutes and $99.99 for unlimited minutes. Sprint also has a $10 per month “premium data add-on” fee just for smart-phones, which means that iPhone 4S and 4 users on the network would have to pay rates of $79.99, $99.99 or $109.99 to buy into the unlimited plans, before taxes and other fees.

Apple introduced the smart phone during a media event at the company’s Cupertino, CA headquarters on Tuesday, a day before the news of co-founder Steve Jobs’ death.

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