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Most stock newsletters revolve around a plethora of bells and whistles. Mix in some booyahs and train horns and you get a show on TV. Luckily not every newsletter is like that. Enter Jason Bond Picks (yes his real last name is Bond, I asked too). A daily newsletter powered by the technology of profitly, Bond’s newsletter is at the forefront of swing trading.

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The whole premise behind his newsletter is swing trading. Not really for day-traders, the goal is t make trading accessible to people that do not have the 6-monitor setup with enough etrade charts flashing to make the etrade baby blush. Swing trading is when you attempt to capture gains in one to four days using technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum.

If you have a day job, and who doesn’t, this service is designed for you. Every week you get 3-5 actionable alerts. The cool part about the alerts is the fact that Jason is putting his money where his mouth is. Every stock he alerts on he is personally trading wit his own money. So it stands to reason he’s picking only the best.

You may be wondering, how much money do I have to have to sue this service. Personally I have been using a couple thousand dollars. Some people in the chat-rooms have monstrous portfolios, while others have a one thousand dollars. It doesn’t matter your financial situation, the strategy can work regardless.

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Affordability For Any Trader

A lot of newsletters get you to sign up and leave you twisting in the wind. I have personally seen Jason online at 0pm at night prepping watch-lists and webinars to teach his subscribers. You do not need a dedicated support email, cause he is the support. You never get passed off to someone else who may not know what they are talking about. You signed up for Jason and that’s what you get.

Did it work for me?

Absolutely. Tons of swings and I’m with him on a longer term volatility play. If it pays off, which is almost a guarantee, the profits will be measured in the thousands of dollars. And to the average trader, that is what we call real money. Plus you get access to a chatroom with over 100 traders, SMS alerts, email alerts ad video watchlists. You just don’t get a better deal out there.

Here are a few more Jason Bond Picks Reviews

The Most COMPLETE Stock Service I’ve Ever Seen. There was a lot of skepticism on my part when I first started considering Jason’s service as to whether or not he could teach an old dog like me how to trade the way he traded or anything about the stock market.

I’m really happy with my first trade with you (ARNA). I followed you exactly with a smaller position and made $500 on my first trade. Thank you.

Outside of the profits you get something no one offers. Transparency. Using the profitly platform you get to see the size and profits of Jason’s trades. Can’t say that about many other services. Well worth the price of admission.

At this point what do you have to lose?

Check out Jason’s service today. You won’t be disappointed.

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