Lucci Alerts Review – Options Trading With a Pro

The final frontier for retail investors. Options trading. One of the most misunderstood trading practices, Sang Lucci has started a newsletter to demystify options trading for the masses.

Breaking down techniques for setting up trades to the basics of options trading, Lucci Alerts is the go-to newsletter on the market for options trading. Having an open-door policy in regards to his subscribers helps foster the community you need to learn to help build confidence for options trading.

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The video lesson library you get is a must for any beginner. This is not your traditional buy 100 of AAPL shares and sell when they go higher. There is more involved, and Lucci Alerts walks you through everything.

Does the system work?

Absolutely. Like everything in trading, it is all about risk mitigation. Cut losses quickly, and let the winners ride. Some of his winners have been out-sized to say the least. You are talking rand-new car level of profits. Paid for in cash. Now that is real money. I try to start off small so I can get my feet wet and have been successful.

Here is his subscribers profit chart:

Now that is a profit chart.

Not bad at all. And a few more customer testimonials:

“I learned options through lucci. He is the man. His videos are incredibly educational as well as funny.”

“As I sit here typing I am just coming down off a high I received from AAPL this morning. Went long a 395 Weekly Call @ .38, had it about a half hour and then the thing went to like 1.50 in seconds.”

If you are in the market for options trading education, definitely worth a shot. You can see by the subscriber profits it definitely works.

Try it out today.

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