Morning Winners: CIE, ALU, IPSU, WNS, AONE

Stocks are seeing a drastic pull back today on reports that the Greek deal is in trouble. Other countries in the euro zone insisted that Greece needs to save an additional $430 million if it wants to get its second bailout package. There are also reports that one of the parties in Greece has withdrawn support of the deal. It appears that a Greek default is all but inevitable and would have severe consequences in Europe and around the world. All of the major indices are down about 1% right now with the Dow down 124 points, the Nasdaq down 23 points and the S&P 500 down 12 points.

Cobalt International Energy, Inc. (NYSE:CIE) is up 47.49% this morning at $35.27. CIE has traded 6 million shares so far today, up from its daily average of 1.5 million shares a day. CIE shares are rallying today after the company’s pre-salt oil test beat expectations. The well they tested could produce over 20,000 barrels a day. The company has a market cap of 13.87 billion.

Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU) is up 14.43% today at $2.23. ALU has traded 59 million shares this morning, way above its daily average of 16.5 million shares. ALU shares are bouncing after fourth quarter results beat expectations. Adjusted EPS came in at 0.19 euro cents a share, beating Wall Street estimates of 0.08 a share. The company has a market cap of 5.03 billion.

Imperial Sugar Company (NASDAQ:IPSU) is up 10.47% today at $6.65. IPSU has traded 3 million shares so far today, 6 times its daily average. IPSU shares are up for the second straight day on reports that it will sell its interest in Wholesome Sweetners Inc. to a third party. The company has a market cap of 82.23 million.

WNS Holdings (NYSE:WNS) is up 11.38% this morning at $10.47. WNS has traded 2.1 million shares so far, above its daily average of 32.9 thousand shares. WNS Holdings announced public offering of 10.65 million shares at $9.25. The company has a market cap of 468.31 million.

A123 Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:AONE) is up 7.98% today at $2.03. AONE has traded 2.9 million shares so far today, above its daily average of 2.8 million shares. A123 Systems announced today it will supply 6 battery energy storage solutions to northern powergrid in the U.K. The company has a market cap of 256.43 million.

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Kyle Pinder has has over five years trading and research experience in the large cap space. While still in grad school, Kyle trades daily and keep Active Investor up to date with the latest breaking news coming out of Wall Street and Washington.
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