Penny Stocks to Watch – NSRS and ATRN

The recent rally has not been enjoyed by just the upper-class of stocks. Stocks on the otc and otcbb market always enjoy insane volatility. The broader market is rallying today on news that Greece has agreed to terms for another bailout. Whether or not they actually make good on the promises is another matter entirely. However, the deal has worked to calm to the markets.

Outside of the EU sovereign debt crisis, geopolitical tensions are ratcheting up in the Middle East. Israel is laying the blame for the two attacks on diplomats in Georgia and India squarely on Iran. The accuse Iran with being complicit with Hezbollah in planning and carrying out the attacks. The news sent oil higher as fears of an Israeli strike over Iran’s nuclear program grow.

In penny stocks, volatility rules the day. Everyday it seems there is a new pump getting started or an old pump falling off a cliff. Today’s penny stocks to watch include North Springs Resources (OTCBB:NSRS) and Atrinsic Inc. (OTC:ATRN)

North Springs Resources (OTCBB:NSRS) is everyone’s favorite pump from January and early February. Up slightly today, the stock has been looking for a floor after its precipitous fall last week. The pump is definitely over and anyone that jumps in now risks being a bag holder for quite a long time. News out of the company continues at a brisk pace. NSRS announced an update today on its three properties in Ghana, Arizona and Nevada.

Volume on the stock has continued to be heavy, with over 36 million shares changing hands today.

Atrinsic Inc. (OTC:ATRN) has all the hallmarks of a pump today. Up over 40% on no news, the stock has been experiencing a huge walk-up the entire day. A recent company press release is attempting to tie the increase in online spending to possible success for ATRN. Definitely one to keep your eye on if you are not risk-averse.

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