Prana Biotechnology Shares Soar on Alzheimer’s Drug News

Prana Biotechnology Ltd.(NASDAQ:PRAN) shares are gaining significant ground this morning. Shares are being traded up 50% a $1.44 rise on the previous close for Prana. There have been over 15 million shares traded to this point, which marks a significant increase from the daily average 275,000 shares.

Prana Biotechnology Alzheimer’s drug PBT2 has shown the ability to repair the damage in an Alzheimer’s affected brain thereby facilitating the restoration of cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease. These findings explain the rapid improvement in cognition previously reported in Transgenic Alzheimer’s mice.

“The ability of PBT2 to promote the forming and reforming of connections between neurons is fundamental to the repair of brain tissue damaged by Alzheimer’s Disease, and the expression of key neuronal receptors and signaling proteins indicates that the repaired tissue is functional,” noted Prana’s Head of Research, Associate Professor Robert Cherny.  Professor Cherny concluded “These findings further demonstrate the unique combination of detoxification and neuronal restoration provided by PBT2 that underlie cognitive improvement in the clinic.”

About Prana Biotechnology Ltd.
Prana Biotechnology Limited engages in the research and development of therapeutic drugs for neurological diseases in Australia. The company primarily focuses on the Alzheimer’‘s, Parkinson‘’s, and Huntington‘’s diseases, as well as various age-related degenerative disorders.

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