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1) Performance calculations included as part of our research do not include the effects of brokerage commissions or advisory fees. Real transaction costs associated with such fees will lower the performance of any trades, had they actually been placed for the securities mentioned.

2) Model portfolio results posted on this web site do not reflect the results of actual trades placed in any portfolios, either managed or otherwise. Portfolio results are only intended as an educational guide to the results of past research posted on this web site. Such portfolios do not reflect the actual results for any client accounts managed by affiliates of Active Investor, Inc. Such portfolios also do not imply any performance relative to broad market indices over comparable time periods and make no claim as to the ability of this research to enable investors to outperform the markets with their own trading results.

3) The performance of the research on this web site does not reflect nor is comparable to the performance of any investment management style or of any individual accounts managed by an affiliate of Active Investor, Inc.

Investing in stocks involves potentially high risks to an investor's capital. Speculating with options can present even greater risk, including the complete loss of principal. Such investing is not suitable for every investor. We strongly encourage each individual to ascertain what level of risk is appropriate for them, given their investing experience and financial resources. Investors must conduct their own research to insure that their own objectives are taken into consideration. Consult your own personal financial adviser and/or make use of the resources that are available to the public.

Before investing in common stocks, you must familiarize yourself with the risks involved. There are many sources of investor education, including the resources available at the NYSE and the NASDAQ web sites.

Options investors must thoroughly understand the risks involved with any options trading strategies that they may contemplate. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) web site is an excellent source of information on options investing.

The research that is posted to subscribers on this web site is just that--research. It is the product of various expert systems and technical analysis tools. It cannot be construed as advice either rendered to or suitable for any particular investor. The research is available for public knowledge only. is not a broker/dealer. None of the research appearing on this site can be considered to constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities, or a recommendation for any specific investor to do so.

Active-Investor, its officers, and any affiliates are not liable for any losses incurred by readers. Active-Investor does not hold itself out as an adviser to any individual or institution, and makes no contractual representations to the contrary. is NOT a stock promotion firm. No compensation is received from any companies whose securities may be discussed on this site. From time to time, and without notice, the principals of this firm, related parties, or advisory clients of related parties, may hold positions in any securities mentioned on this site.

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