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What is the purpose of
What type of investment research is offered?
How often is the research updated, and when is it available?
How do I navigate the site?
Is the research e-mailed to me?
What does a subscription to this service cost?
Do I have to pay separately for access to each type of research?
How do I subscribe?

What is the purpose of
As our Mission Statement directs, exists to serve the needs of the hands-on investor, one who actively manages a portfolio of stocks and options for maximum investment returns. This service is designed to provide subscribers with daily updates of our investment research on stocks, options, and market indexes. It combines proven research strategies with quick, easy-to-use access for our customers. evolved from the need for timely, unbiased, and accurate investment research.

Timely... We believe that investors need research that reflects today's information, not last year's annual report. That's why our service is updated every week on Monday morning prior to the opening of the U.S. markets.

Unbiased... offers no hidden agendas, no cozy corporate relationships, and no optimistcally biased fundamental research. This eliminates research that is intended to hype a stock or grease the skids for investment bankers to earn underwriting fees from the companies that are recommended. Very simply, we don't have investment bankers. None. We also accept no compensation from the companies that appear in our research. None.

Accurate... Our research is based on what our experience and historical studies indicate are the most effective investment strategies for the swing trader or short-term investor. We use a variety of technical analysis systems and techniques to find the ideas that hold the highest probability of success for our subscribers. Combined with other available research, we have developed a proprietary trading system that greatly improves the odds of entering successful trades. was conceived from the notion that the typical investor is overwhelmed by the sheer number of stocks and the mountains of financial information that are available today. The purpose of this service is to narrow the investment universe to a manageable set of quality ideas on which our subscribers can focus their attention, thereby minimizing the time and distractions and maximizing their investment results.

What type of investment research is offered?
Our customers have access to a broad menu of investment research and strategies. All of the research is designed to appeal toward the investor who buys and sells individual stocks, options, and index funds. All of the research is also the result of technical analysis. Neither the ratings of Wall Street analysts, nor the financial performance of the company, has any bearing on our research or recommendations.

Subscribers can review weekly Buy and Sell recommendations on stocks, indexes, and industry sectors. Since the selections are oriented toward the active investor, the recommendations are based on medium-term signals. These signals are typically tuned to a period of 4-8 weeks, but often longer.

This service also tracks stock splits on a weekly basis, giving traders and investors two different ways to participate in potentially profitable situations. First, the Watch List is a table of selected stocks that are trading at or near prices where they have historically split. This offers traders the chance to own stocks prior to a potential split announcement. Second, we maintain a table of Announced Splits whose stocks exhibit favorable technical conditions.

In addition to being able glean option ideas from our stock Buys and Sells, users also enjoy access to a weekly table of suggested Covered Call Options. These involve purchasing a stock and immediately writing covered call options on the underlying stock. Doing so can be an effective way to produce additional income from a stock portfolio. The covered call options that appear in this section are selected from those that can generate at least a 10% static return on investment over a period of 1-2 months.

Finally, users can follow the market through our weekly Market Commentary. And for those who want an ongoing table of the best trading ideas, our Model Portfolio is updated weekly, also.

How often is the research updated, and when is it available?
The results of our weekly research are posted to the web site each on Monday morning before 9:00 Eastern time. This enables our subscribers to access our ideas, satisfy their own research requirements, and line up their trades, all before the stock market opens. Weekly research includes the latest Bullish Stocks (buys), Bearish Stocks (sells), Market Indexes, Industry Sectors, and Covered Call Options. Subscribers can also access the Market Commentary each Monday morning, as well as an updated Model Portfolio of the top active selections from past trading weeks.

How do I navigate the site?
The web site is divided into two areas, one for the general public and one available only to subscribers. Both are designed so that users can quickly move to any page within that area using only the menu bar at the top. This eliminates the need to frequently use the back and forward buttons on your browser.

Each page is designed to load quickly, with a minimum of graphical content, so that users can quickly access the desired research and then be on their way.

Is the research e-mailed to me?
New research is posted weekly, directly to the site. Subscribers can access the research using their own secure login ID. The only research that is currently e-mailed is the Weekly Market Newsletter, which is mailed to those who register for e-mail delivery.

What does a subscription to this service cost?
A subscription to is less than the cost of a single stock trade at some discount brokerages. For only $29.50 per month, you get access to all of the published research, including 10-15 Weekly Buys, 10-15 Weekly Sells, and 3 Covered Call Options. Plus, you get research on U.S and World Market Indexes and an updated momentum table on 32 Industry Sectors.

A discounted subscription rate is available for one year for only $295.00.

Do I have to pay separately for access to each type of research?
One low, subscription fee covers access to ALL of our published research.

How do I subscribe?
Every subscription comes with a Free Two-week Trial. Subscriptions become effective only if the user elects not to cancel during the free trial period.

To subscribe, simply select the FREE TRIAL button on the menu bar, and fill in the entry form. Information is entered via a secure server, so you can be certain that your subscription information remains private and confidential. All subscriber information is kept in the strictest confidence. Your name is not shared or sold to anyone.

I filled out the subscription form and got no response.
Responses to subscription requests can take up to 24 hours to process. If you have not been e-mailed with a confirmation and password within that time, notify us through the "Contact Us" button on the menu.

My browser is not displaying the most recent information and research.
Our customers have experienced sporadic problems with information from outdated reports. These problems appear to be limited to America Online users and are apparently due to caching or file retention. We are working on a solution to the problem. One solution that has worked well is to hold down the [Ctrl] key while clicking on your browser's Refresh button. If you experience this anomaly and cannot get your screen to refresh properly, please notify us via e-mail.

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