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With that simple philosophy, a new research service was launched in 1998. The purpose of Active-Investor has been and always will be to provide the highest quality research, empowering investors to make intelligent decisions with their assets.

The technology of the Internet and the advent of low-cost, online brokerage have combined to make active trading in stocks and options more affordable and potentially more profitable for investors. The result is over 25 million online investors with the newly discovered power to make their own investment decisions. With that power has come a responsibility for investors to do more of their own research. The questions for many of those investors have become...

"With all of this information now at my fingertips, where do I start?"
"Who can help me cut through the hype and provide unbiased information?"
"Where can I find timely research so I don't miss all of the great opportunities?"
"What stocks might go up or down in the next 4-8 weeks?"

Perhaps the answers to these questions can be found in the recommendations of Wall Street analysts? Most "fundamental" research reports are written by analysts who work for large brokerage firms. Those firms often receive large, investment banking fees for issuing stock and bonds for the companies that they "research." If you honestly believe that those research reports reflect an unbiased opinion about a company's prospects, then fundamental research is made for you. If instead you believe that most research is inherently compromised and biased in favor of the companies being researched, then you have already graduated from the ranks of the novice investors. The Active-Investor system was created in part to address the biased, inaccurate nature of most of the published "research" that litters Wall Street. By relying on technical analysis, subscribers to this service are given an unbiased source of information that is also more timely than traditional research methods.

Should I listen instead to interviews with mutual fund managers? Actively managed mutual funds are often very effective investment vehicles for investors. The unfortunate truth is that, if you actively trade stocks and options on your own or for your clients, then mutual fund managers are in fact your competitors. They may, for example, be sellers of the same security that you are trying to buy. These Wall Street professionals are not interested in telling ypu when they are trying to buy or sell a stock. Why should they? If they hype a stock too soon, then their cost to buy that stock goes up, hurting the performance for their shareholders. Chances are if you hear one of these "professionals" touting the praises of a particular stock, then they have already bought their position. The next logical step for them will be to sell that stock at some point. They will then need a willing market to buy what they want to sell. Think about it. Do you want to buy what they have already bought?

Perhaps the answers can be found in the main stream financial media? The longer you are involved in the stock market, the more you learn that the financial media is GREAT at what they do: They report to us what has already happened! By the time a stock or market is hyped in the main stream financial media, the big move has probably already taken place. The next time you turn on the television or open that financial magazine, pay attention to whether they are telling you what "has happened" or what "will happen." What has recently happened is of little value to you as an investor. Maybe instead of being called the financial "news" media, they should be called financial "olds" media. Just a thought...We don't think they will go for it.

If you strongly believe that there has to be a better way, then becoming a member of may be right for you. Please accept our invitation to review Active-Investor for free, with no obligation, for 14 days. It only takes a minute for you to begin enjoying Active-Investor for free .

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