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Order This Book

Realizing that not every investor wants to trade a position every 3-5 days, offers reasearch ideas for the longer term investor whose time horizon may extend over a period of weeks instead of days. Each week we offer a stock that has been selected from a rigorously back-tested trading system designed to glean results for the longer term trader.

The Stock of the Week is generated by a trading system that detects a change in the accumulation patterns of a stock. The system has been tuned to identify stocks that have recently emerged from consistent selling pressure for a period of several weeks. This reversal from net selling to net buying is coupled with a few other technical screens to produce above average results. When back-tested over two years, with a stop loss of 30%, the system has produced a maximum profit of 203%, and an average profit of over 40%, with an average holding period of 310 trading days for its winning trades.

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