SEFE A Feast for Shorts Today and 4 Penny Stocks to Watch: LQMT, LUXR, STVF, DOMK

penny stocksSefe Incorporated (OTC:SEFE) is a shorter’s paradise today. After running up well past the $2 per share mark, notorious penny stock shorter Timothy Sykes jumped into the fray blasting away at the promoted stock. The stock was rumored to be the next LEXG style play but it looks like it has fizzled before it could reach the ridiculous mark set by LEXG last year.

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What traders should take away from plays like these is that you have to be in on the start of these plays. After it is has run up for days and days, the likelihood of a continued run diminishes exponentially as the days go by. Playing SEFE stock is a gamble and one that should only be undertaken by risk tolerant traders. Don’t look for the moon shot, they are few and far between. If you make money, move on. And cut losses as quickly as possible.

The broader market is enjoying a nice rally today on the back of earnings and solid housing data. Pending home sales hit a 23-month high and could be sign we are finally seeing a turnaround in the housing market. Or it could just be a green-shoot suckering investors in. Earnings that are still on deck include Amazon which will be watched closely to see how the kindle fire is faring against the juggernaut of Apple’s iPad.

Penny Stocks

SEFE, Inc. (OTC:SEFE) is trading down more than 16% in afternoon trading at $1.73. SEFE has seen heavy downside volume today with over 9 million shares traded, more than 4 times its average volume. SEFFE shares have fallen more than $1 a share in the past two days after hitting an intraday high of $2.96 on Wednesday.

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Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. (OTC:LQMT) is up 30.01% today at $0.3899. LQMT has traded nearly 7 million shares so far today, more than double its daily average volume. LQMT has seen some extremely volatile trading over the past few weeks as traders poured into the stock on rumors that Apple would be using the company’s product for the iPhone 5. This sent the stock shooting upward from $0.15 to $0.55 in about a week. Since then the stock has come back down to earth somewhat as traders take profits and the hype dies down.

Luxeyard, Inc. (PINK:LUXR) is down nearly 10% this afternoon at $1.20. LUXR has traded 1.7 million shares so far today, 3 times its normal volume. LUXR shares jumped about $0.60 a share this week before selling off today. The stock was trading as low as $0.60 just a few weeks ago before beginning its run up.

Stevia First Corp. (OTC:STVF) is down 24.45% today at $0.8310. STVF has traded just over 2 million shares so far today and trades 2.4 million shares a day on average. STVF shares hit a high of over $3 a share late last month, but has since been getting hammered. Stevia saw a couple of bounces this month as it continues lower.

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DoMark International, Inc. (OTC:DOMK) is up 35.83% this afternoon at $1.64. DOMK has traded 1.6 million shares so far today, more than 10 times its average volume. DOMK shares are rallying today after the company announced that pre orders for its Solapad accessory for the iPad is exceeding their production schedule.

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