SuperNova Alerts Review

Finally. Penny stock trading done right. No longer are you at the the whims of shady newsletters promising you the moon and delivering you to the soup kitchen. Enter Jeff Williams. A former teacher in New York, he has developed a scalping strategy with with SuperNova Stock Alerts that allow anyone to take advantage of volatile penny stocks.

Check out SuperNova Alerts today. They fit any budget and skill level.

The Supernova Alerts are geared towards small caps trading. Obviously these are volatile but his strategy does as much as possible to mitigate the risk.

Trading the supernova picks ranges from 1-3 day term trades. Normally known as swing trading, most of the alerts are momentum trades or bottom bouncers. Easy for the trading novice out there to pick up on them.

One of the benefits of the SuperNova Alerts is the fact you can still have a day job and trade. A lot of times newsletters are so convoluted that you have to be in front of your computer screen all day, every day. This service you can trade right from your smart-phone. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Does it work?

For me, yes. I enjoy the volatility of the small cap market. Here lately the mid and large caps have been boring with the anemic volume. At least with small caps you can enjoy trading a bit. Sure it is riskier. Then again, with anemic volume on the Dow etc any downside move with volume will make small cap volatility look like child’s play.

Plus you have Jeff Williams walking you step by step through the trades. His video library is also growing by the week. In-depth educational series on technical trading, how to set up scanners. Even how to correctly use etrade. Can’t go wrong with that.

The downside of course is that you will be trading penny stocks from time to time. Traders should be a bit more risk tolerant but you can see by the profit chart below his strategy works.

supernova alerts review

Now that is a track record. Can Cramer claim that?

Here are a few more SuperNova Reviews:

“The Complete Package. I have tried out many stock alert services. I’ve found SuperNova Stocks to be the most complete and efficient one.”

“The Only Newsletter You’ll Ever Need. I have used most of the free and several of the paid news letters and none can even come close the SuperNova Stocks. Most other news letters claim to have huge success but if you actually follow their stocks picks you will find that the average person cannot get in or out anywhere close to their claimed prices basically leaving the average person holding the bag. SA is totally honest in his stock picks and is right on with his potential entry and exit points also he is totally transparent with his risk assessment. Thumbs up!!”

All in all it is definitely worth a shot. The profit charts above show that the strategy works. The education you get from the system is more than worth the price of admission.

Check it out today.

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