Hot Stocks to Watch: BLIN, BPAX, ZOOM, FSL, PSUN, ALSK

Wall Street signThe US market is getting a slight boost from the ISM numbers that just released. Though a beat on consensus the underlying numbers point to further weakness, especially in employment. The G-7 meeting today is being watched to see if there is going to be any coordinated statement from the group of finance ministers.

Europe continues to stare at the cliff wondering which country is going first. With Greece rapidly approaching new elections, the financial crisis has jumped its borders and spread to Spain and Italy. The clamor for common EU bonds is starting to reach a fever pitch and one wonders if Merkel will blink in her opposition to them. If she does, the political consequences for her party will be severe as she heads into a 2013 election.

A quick snapshot of the market has the Dow down 8, the Nasdaq up 4 and the S&P adding 2 points. [Read more...]

Midday Movers for May 14: ANTH, SYNC, IMOS, RCON, NQ, SCEI, ALSK

Market newsAnthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:ANTH) is up 9.80% in midday trading at $2.14. ANTH has traded 379 thousand shares so far today and trades 581 thousand shares a day on average. ANTH shares have rallied 26% since last Tuesday. The company has a market cap of 90.38 million.

Synacor, Inc. (NASDAQ:SYNC) is up 12.12% today at $10.36. SYNC has traded 1.2 million shares in midday trading, 3 times its daily average. SYNC shares are bouncing back today after the stock fell about $2.50 a share last Thursday and Friday. The company has a market cap of 173.49 million. [Read more...]


list of nasdaq stocksStocks are trading negative in midday trading due to lack of economic news and the upcoming weekend. Traders usually close positions before the weekend to avoid any kind of breaking news that could affect the market on Monday. The Dow is trading down 27 points, the Nasdaq is down 10 points and the S&P 500 is down 5 points.

Sino Clean Energy Inc. (NASDAQ:SCEI) is up 34.43% in midday trading at $2.8310. SCEI has traded 4.8 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 416 thousand shares. SCEI shares have jumped nearly 100% over the past two trading days. Sino Clean continues to go higher after news on March 1 about their finances. The company has a market cap of 66.74 million. [Read more...]

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