Hot Stocks to Watch: MOH, FRAN, GV, ROSG, ZQK, ZLCS

Wall Street signStocks are whipsawing between positive and negative territory as investors gauge what to expect out of the Chinese data dump and any developments out of Europe. Bernanke’s testimony yesterday did little to bolster the rally as the markets are trading essentially flat today. The lack of any real direction on QE has investors in that wait and see mode.

Couple that with the ongoing turmoil in Europe and the market volatility continues to get ramped up. You could see that this week with big down days followed by the multi-day rally. Question remains is without QE3, will the markets turn back to their bearish ways? Sign Up For Free Stock Alerts

A look at the major indices has the Dow up 20, the Nasdaq 13 and the S&P 2 points. [Read more...]

Stocks to Watch in Afternoon Trading: FSS, RBCN, FXCM, FRAN, AVII, RDN, STI

Wall Street signThe stock market is turning lower this afternoon one day after a market wide rally sent the major indices up more than 1%. The choppy trading is mostly due to the lack of a catalyst to send it one way or the other. Economic data is fairly light today, so no respite there. The stress test results yesterday afternoon have already been digested and the market seems to have moved on.

Enter Goldman Sachs. You can tell the street is bored when all anyone talks about is an op-ed in the NYTimes. A former exec penned an op-ed in which he scathingly critiqued the people and the culture of Goldman Sachs. Pretty sure we saw this with the Matt Taibbi piece but hey, nice to have a confirmation.

Here’s where the major indexes stand at this time: The Dow is up 8 points , the Nasdaq is down 3 and the S&P 500 is off 3 points. [Read more...]

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