7 Active Penny Stocks That Finished Green

penny stocksThe market was rocked by several data points coming from across the globe on Friday. The Chinese miss in GDP growth was especially concerning for investors as they look at both Europe and China now as possible issues going forward for the global recovery.

The miss in jobs numbers also reaffirmed the Fed’s position that the labor market lacks long term sustainability and they will have to continue their accommodative stance on monetary policy. The risk is becoming all too real that the economies of the world may be mired in a period of stagnation similar to what Japan has been experiencing since the 1990s.

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Hot Stocks to Watch: PRMW, JOEZ, SNSS, AMRS, LNG, SWY

Wall StreetLooks like the bears decided to return to the party. After a multi-session rally, the bulls are taking a backseat to the widespread selling on the major indices. The EU is coming back into focus today with Spanish markets hitting a 3-year low. This is causing Spanish default insurance to set a record today.

Domestically, sentiment took a hit as consumers are starting to feel the pinch of rising gas prices. Throw in the Chinese miss on growth expectations and you have all the trappings of a Friday the 13th on Wall Street.

Currently the Dow is down 94, the Nasdaq is dropping 36 and the S&P is off 12. [Read more...]

After Hours Report for April 12

Wall StreetUS stocks extended their gains into a second session as traders eyed the Fed for possible further stimulus. Loan data out of China also gave rise to the hopes of just a soft-landing for the country versus a hard. This will help the US economy deal with any recession that emerges out of Europe. Earnings season is also helping thanks to a significantly lowered bar. If you go in expecting nothing to beat, any beats are pleasant surprises.

European concerns also moderated after yields dropped across the region. Still a concern, but investors kind of shrugged off Europe in favor of earnings season and Fed hints of further stimulus. Or at the very least their accommodative monetary policies will be in place for quite a while yet.

All the major indices closed higher on the day. The Dow jumped 181, the Nasdaq 39 and the S%P 19. [Read more...]

Stocks Trade Higher at Midday, Hot Stocks to Watch

Wall StreetStocks are moving into positive territory in midday trading as banks push the overall market higher. Many analysts are starting to wonder if a pull back is imminent. The Dow has jumped close to 2,000 points since late November and has yet to see a meaningful pull back. We have seen some speed bumps along the way, the most recent being a 200 point drop in early March.

As long as economic data stays positive, we should see the current rally continue. If a negative jobs report comes out or some other troubling economic data though, a market pull back could occur.

Taking a peek at the stock indexes at midday show the Dow up 23 points, the Nasdaq up 24 points and the S&P 500 up 7 points. [Read more...]

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