Hot Stocks to Watch: BSPM, GMO, QSFT, MIPS, KR, EW

Market newsToday’s rally is all about QE hopes. The lackluster data coupled with EU turmoil is feeding into the backdrop of expectations. With the meeting set for next week, investors are definitely hoping for more than subtle hints. The labor market is deteriorating and the a Greek exit from the Euro is becoming increasingly likely.

A quick look at the major indices has the Dow up 94, the Nasdaq 13 and the S&P 9. Sign Up For Free Stock Alerts

Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:BSPM) is up 22.45% today at $1.7970. BSPM has traded 692 thousand shares so far today, well above its daily average of 84 thousand shares. BSPM shares are back up to yesterday’s high one day after announcing it will conduct clinical trials for Viacom drug with Fmmu. The company has a market cap of 16.73 million. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: CPWM, MITK, QSFT, SQNM, KTOS, PSX

Wall Street signIt is all about Europe today. With a thin economic data slate today, the market is being driven by events and headlines emerging out of Europe. A recent report has EU countries considering the June payment of bailout funds due to the political turmoil. Plus news out of Spain has the government set to possibly nationalize one of their leading banks.

Right now the Dow is near its session lows, off 147. The Nasdaq and S&P are following the Dow lower, down 35 and 17 points respectively. [Read more...]

Rising Gas Prices and 6 Hot Stocks to Watch for March 12: JVA, QSFT, SWHC, MCP, VRS, QRM

Wall StreetRising gas prices over the past few weeks would lead you to believe that the recovery could be in danger. What people are missing is the mitigating factor in consumer spending. The winter that never happened. Last year it was Snowpacalypse or Armageddon. Some sort of cataclysmic winter weather even. So utility bills have been kept in check which offsets the rise. The question now is what happens now.

Spring is pretty much upon us along with the summer driving season. If gas prices continue to climb you have to expect some sort of consumer pullback. We saw it in 2008, and it stands to reason it will happen this year. Tensions with Iran and continued growth in the developing world will put constraints on supply leading speculators to juice the price of oil. We should soon find out in the coming weeks when new consumer data releases if the price at the pump is effecting spending. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks This Morning: JVA, QSFT, SWHC, REE, VRS, S

Wall StreetStocks are up this morning thanks to a better than expected government jobs report. The Labor Department announced today that 227,000 jobs were added last month with the unemployment rate holding steady at 8.3%. Economists were expecting a gain of around 210,000 jobs. News out of Greece was positive as well today with participation from bondholders for the credit swap at 85.8% of the country’s debt burden.

All of this positive news has sent the Dow up 60 points, the Nasdaq up 21 points and the S&P 500 up 8 points. [Read more...]

Stocks Heading Lower This Morning: CSKI, VG, QSFT, AAWW, WSH, NBG

China Sky One Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSKI) is down 28.10% this morning. CSKI has traded 529 thousand shares so far today, up from its average of 56 thousand shares. China Sky shares are trading lower today due to CEO illness and 26 resignations. The company has a market cap of 18.63 million.

Vonage Holdings Corp. (NYSE:VG) is down 16.12% today at $2.29. VG has traded 7.1 million shares this morning, nearly 4 times its daily average. Vonage reported fourth quarter earnings this morning. EPS and revenue were in-line with estimates, but investors reacted negatively after the company said it would ramp up spending in 2012. The company has a market cap of 531.19 million. [Read more...]

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