Hot Stocks to Watch: NFEC, RCON, COG, SGOC, SWI, AMRN

Wall Street signStocks are holding their gains this morning despite mixed economic reports. Pending home sales saw a 4.1% jump in March to a level it hasn’t seen in two years. Worries over the jobs report has kept gains in check though this morning. New unemployment claims fell 1,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 388,000 according to the Labor Department. Analysts were expecting 375,000. What has investors worried though, is the four week moving average jumped to 381,750. The highest it has been since January.

The Dow is currently up 45 points, the Nasdaq is up 9 points and the S&P 500 is up 2 points. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: SGOC, KERX, CEDC, UAL, GPRC, XRX

Wall StreetThe broader market is getting pummeled this morning on renewed fears over the EU sovereign debt crisis. This time the fears have taken on a political bent as the Socialist candidate in France has force Sarkozy into a runoff slated for May 6. That is the same day Greeks go to the polls. This could blow up the bailout structure in Europe and create further turmoil for core EU countries.

Domestically, investors are reacting to Kellogg’s slashing of its 2012 forecast. Fears of a faltering recovery or a renewed downturn are being played out in the volatility index (VIX), which measures fear in the market. Vix has surged over 15% in morning trading to over 20.

Currently the Dow is off 152, the Nasdaq 51 and the S&P 18. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: SGOC, SPU, HBI, HERO, SQNM, WOLF

Wall Street signEarnings beats are driving the market higher today. Releases by Microsoft and GE are leading the charge for the Dow. Investors are also watching the French elections closely along with the IMF meetings slated for this weekend.

Currently the Dow is up 104, the Nasdaq 20 and the S&P is adding 9. [Read more...]

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