NYSE Stocks Tanking Today: PVA, HHS, SBH, KCG, AMT, AUQ

Traders at the NYSEPenn Virginia Corporation (NYSE:PVA) is down 7.45% today at $6.32. PVA has traded 497 thousand shares so far today and trades 977 thousand shares a day on average. PVA shares are down today after being downgraded to hold from buy at Stifel Nicolaus. The company has a market cap of 289.07 million.

Harte-Hanks Inc. (NYSE:HHS) is down 18.38% this morning at $7.55. HHS has traded 617 thousand shares so far today, well above its daily average of 120 thousand shares. HHS shares were downgraded to hold from buy at Noble Financial this morning. The company has a market cap of 470.60 million. [Read more...]

6 NYSE Stocks Falling This Morning: EDU, AUQ, DDMG, YOKU, NOK, RENN

Traders at the NYSENew Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE:EDU) is down 28.26% this morning at $15.97. EDU has traded 18.4 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 1.1 million shares. EDU shares are down today after revealing SEC probe. The company has a market cap of 2.44 billion. Sign Up For Free Stock Alerts

AuRico Gold Inc. (NYSE:AUQ) is down 15.52% this morning at $6.37. AUQ has traded 8.1 million shares so far today, 4 times its daily average. AUQ shares are down today after CEO steps down for health reasons. The company has a market cap of 1.80 billion. [Read more...]

Continued Unease in Europe Sends Gold Lower, Gold Stocks to Watch:KGC, AUY, ABX, NEM, GG, EGO, GFI, IAG, AUQ

Gold pricesGold prices have recovered some this morning, but they are still negative at $1,550.70. It was trading as low as $1,526.70 earlier today as EU uncertainties plague investors. The current pullback in gold comes as investors fear Greece leaving the EU. If Greece were to leave, it could worsen the euro debt crisis that has affected European markets for months. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Wait For the FOMC Statement. Gold Stocks: AUY, GLD, ABX, KGC, AUQ, GG, NEM, GFI

Gold pricesGold is stuck in a range as it waits for the FOMC statement at 12:30pm. Gold bulls are hoping for some sort of indication that the Fed is open to a new round of QE. With weakening macro data and the UK double dipping the hawkish tone that many expect may be a bit softer and open to further stimulus.

The Fed will also release its guidance on where it sees the economy and labor market heading. Their employment read may be a bit outdated because of the recent weakening in the jobs numbers. Late last year it was 200k+ a month but recently those numbers have been slipping southward. Gold bulls have plenty to look forward to and be a bit nervous about over the short-term.

Currently gold spot prices are down modestly, off $1.50 an ounce to $1640.00 [Read more...]

Gold Prices Stabilize on Weak Jobs Report, Gold Stocks to Watch

Gold pricesAfter trading without direction for the past few weeks, it may be that Gold investors got the catalyst they wanted. An underwhelming jobs report. With the market closed last Friday for the Easter holiday, the market got its first chance to react this morning. and react it has. The broader markets are tumbling, while gold prices trend higher.

One event to watch closely is a scheduled speech by Ben Bernanke in Georgia this evening. One has to wonder if the QE3 carrot will be dangled a bit closer after the jobs report and the negative reaction on wall street.

Gold prices are currently up just over $15 to $1,646 per ounce. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Look to Recover After Steep Loss, Gold Stocks to Watch

Gold pricesAfter the drubbing they took yesterday, gold prices have perked up a bit this morning as investors look to see if they can find the floor in the metal. Short sellers coming in to cover ahead of the long weekend are also helping bolster gold prices.

The labor picture today shows that QE3 may be a bit further off than gold bulls would like. All depending on the unemployment rate, the Fed meeting in late April may be a disappointment for those looking for gold to renew its push higher.

The one outlier that could be the gold price savior is Europe. They seem to be unable to solve the crisis over their sovereign debt. They have the kicking the can down the road down to an art-form but one day they may miss the kick or act too slow. That could be the catalyst that brings gold back to the forefront. Definitely something to watch in the coming months. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Lose Momentum, Gold Stocks to Watch

Gold pricesLooks like the Bernanke bump wasn’t long lasting. Gold prices are retreating from their two-week high set earlier this week. The metal failed to break the $1700 barrier, so traders started to take more profits.

The Fed comments have given the range bound metal a much needed boost but it has yet to break the $1700 barrier convincingly. Analysts say that in the coming weeks investors should expect the break to come as investors clamor for more monetary easing from the Federal Reserve.

The gold prices moves are more of a concern for the short-term traders. Those that follow noted bulls like Marc Faber and Max Keiser are pretty much locked in on a different thesis. One that follows that all fiat currencies are doomed and the the return of the gold standard in inevitable. [Read more...]

Gold Prices Stick Saved By Bernanke, Gold Stocks to Watch

Gold pricesNever count a gold bull out. He always has the Federal Reserve in his corner ready to give a speech to send the metal rebounding. Today was that day. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke gave a speech this morning hinting that further stimulus is needed. He does not trust current labor trends to continue and therefore more stimulus should be on the table.

That’s all the gold bulls needed to hear. Hints of QE3 and more money printing. THis sent gold prices sharply higher, jumping nearly 1% on the news. Another miss in housing data did give credence to a continued recovery either. Pending home sales were expected to rise, instead they saw a dip from January to February. [Read more...]

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