Stock Futures Drift Ahead of NFP Report, Stocks to Watch: ZNGA, FB, CTIC, VRNG, HPQ, TM

The market is in a wait and see mode as investors look to the NFP report for direction. Last month’s announcement of QE3 means that if the numbers disappoint, the likelihood of additional stimulus is essentially zero. Expectations are for 110k jobs and a downtick of the unemployment rate to 8.1%.

Market watchers are still trying to determine the outcomes of the election and their effects on the market. Romney seems more inclined to tackle the deficit which would harm the market in the short term. He has also pledged to replace Fed chief Ben Bernanke after his term is up. Granted this is all said in the heat of the campaign, and seeing as Romney’s biggest contributors are investment houses, it is probably doubtful anything major would happen.

In commodities, oil prices are dropping this morning with Nymex futures down 91 cents to $90.80 per barrel. Gold is also off a bit as it trades near the $1800 per ounce level.

Internationally most markets were up in the overnight hours. Japan took a brief dip after the BOJ refrained from announcing further monetary easing action. Japan ended their session higher though as investors shook that piece of news off. [Read more...]

Stocks Hold Losses In Late Trading: RIMM, NOK, FB, HPQ, S, MU

Stocks continue to trade lower with about an hour left in the trading day. Investors continue to be apprehensive in this market due to ongoing euro zone financial woes. Spain is the main problem in Europe right now with yields on their 10-year bonds jumping above 6%. Anti-austerity protests have swept Spain and Greece this week as their citizens protest bailout plans that would mean more austerity for them.

The major stock averages remain in negative territory today with the Dow down 23 points, the Nasdaq down 19 points and the S&P 500 down 5 points. [Read more...]

Stock Futures Up Ahead of Housing Data: CAT, BWLD, GOOG, WAG, TIVO, HPQ

Stock futures in the U.S. are showing the markets will open slightly higher ahead of three economic reports. Investors can expect to see data from housing, consumer confidence and manufacturing later today. The S&P/Case-Shiller home price index for July should be released shortly before market open. Most analysts are forecasting a 0.8% increase for July. About 30 minutes after the opening bell, consumer confidence data and the Richmond Manufacturing Index will be released.

Europe will still be in focus today as rumors and speculation swirl over Spain and whether they will be forced to accept a full bailout. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ECB President Mario Draghi are also expected to meet in Berlin at some point today.

Right now futures are showing the opening 29 points higher, the Nasdaq 5 points higher and the S&P 500 1 point higher. [Read more...]

6 NYSE Stocks Falling Today: BIG, GES, HPQ, ANR, OSG, X

Traders at the NYSEBig Lots Inc. (NYSE:BIG) is down 22.48% today at $30.11. BIG has traded 9.6 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 1.1 million shares. BIG shares are are down today after posting a weak second quarter and cutting guidance. The company has a market cap of 1.92 billion.

Guess Inc. (NYSE:GES) is down 21.65% today at $26.28. GES has traded 7.9 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 1.6 million shares. GES shares are trending lower after missing on earnings. The company has a market cap of 2.37 billion. [Read more...]

Pre Market Gainers and Losers for May 24: P, ROSG, CLDX, NTAP, HPQ, TIF

Wall StreetPandora Media, Inc. (NYSE:P) is up 18.59% in pre market trading at $12.25. P has traded 128 thousand shares so far today and trades 3.3 million shares a day on average. P shares are rising following better than expected quarterly results. Pandora saw a 58% increase in revenue to $80.8 million, beating expectations of $74.3 million. The company has a market cap of 1.70 billion.

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (NASDAQ:ROSG) is up 12.01% in pre market trading at $12.59. ROSG has traded 104 thousand share so far today and trades 834 thousand shares a day on average. ROSG shares have rallied nearly $8 a share over the past week. [Read more...]

Stocks With Heavy Options Trading: SPY, AAPL, MSFT, ORCL, IBM, HPQ

Wall StreetThe stock market is up slightly heading into midday trading today. News of new home sales dipping sent stock briefly negative shortly after market open. The price of oil continues to rise today and is nearing $109/barrel. The main cause to oil’s recent rise is the tensions between Iran and Western countries. Iran has recently ceased exporting oil to Britain and France. Europe had already imposed sanctions against Iran to stop importing their oil, but they were not going to go into effect until this summer. The Dow is up 23 points right now, the Nasdaq has gained 11 points and the S&P 500 is up 5 points.

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA:SPY) is up 0.35% today at $137.11. SPY is an ETF that moves in conjunction with the S&P 500. If the S&P rises, and works the same way when it falls. SPY is seeing a lot of action today on the Feb 24 weekly contract at $136 strike price. Over 48,500 contracts have been traded so far today and are up $0.27 from the previous close at $1.17. The March 2 weekly contract at $137 strike price is also seeing decent volume with more than 48,000 contracts trading hands. [Read more...]

Stock Futures Up On Jobless Claims. Stocks to Watch: KSS, ARNA, BAC, HPQ, VVUS, OREX, PPO

Stock FuturesInvestors are looking for guidance again this morning as stock futures drift into positive territory. It remains to be seen if the weekly jobless claims number can be the catalyst to renew the rally’s march to 13k+. Dow futures are currently up 25 points to 12,941. Nasdaq 100 futures are currently up 8 points to 2,587. The S&P 500 futures round out the modest gains, up 1.50 points to 1,357.

Jobless claims out this morning showed them unchanged at 351k. Expectations were for a modest rise. The 4-week average for claims fell by 7k to 359k. This represents the lowest level since March of 2008.

Asian stocks slipped negative overnight as they reacted to yesterday’s session in the US. European markets also reversed their earlier gains, after the EU released a report saying they expect a mild recession in 2012. It expects the EU growth rate to drop to -.3% versus a previously forecasted growth rate of .5%. [Read more...]

Active Stocks as Market Trades Flat Near Close: BAC, MSFT, CSCO, NOK, HPQ, MU

The market is rebounding with about 30 minutes left in the trading day after being down earlier today. Europe continues to hang over the market as traders take a wait and see approach. The upcoming Fed meeting this week also has traders hesitating to take positions before they hear what the Fed has to say. The Dow is trading flat right now, the Nasdaq is down 3 points and the S&P 500 is up about a point.

Let’s take a look at the most heavily traded stocks today.

Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) is up 2.83% today at $7.28. BAC is up on above average volume this afternoon with 307 million shares traded, well above its daily average of 270 million shares. Brian Moynihan, chief executive for the company, told BofA workers that an additional $3 billion in expense cuts its coming. BAC shares have jumped up more than $2 a share over the past month. The company has a market cap of 76.54 billion.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is trading flat today at $29.75. MSFT has traded nearly 69 million shares today, well above its daily average of 55.7 million shares. MSFT shares have jumped more than $1 a share since Friday as investors reacted positively to the company’s quarterly results. The company has a market cap of 249.12 billion.

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is down 0.5% in late day trading at $19.82. CSCO has traded 44.6 million shares so far today and averages 47.7 million shares a day. CSCO shares are up about $1.20 since the start of new year. The company has a market cap of 106.47 billion.

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is up 2.23% today at $5.7393. NOK has traded 25.6 million shares so far today and trades 29.9 million shares a day on average. NOK shares have jumped about $0.50 a share since the beginning of January. The company has a market cap of 21.31 billion.

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) is up 1.92% today at $28.67. HPQ is up on above average volume today with 20 million shares traded, 3 million more than its daily average. HPQ shares are up $2 a share on the year. The company has a market cap of 56.82 billion.

Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) is up 1.55% today at $7.89. MU is trading average volume today with 31.7 million shares traded, the stock typically trades 32.3 million shares a day. MU shares have jumped $1 a share since the start of January. The company has a market cap of 7.79 billion.

Intel Cuts Revenue Outlook By $1 Billion

Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTC) cut its sales outlook today causing the stock to fall 5.24% at $23.70. Intel expects sales of $13.7, give or take $300 million, in the fourth quarter. The company’s previous outlook was $14.7 billion, give or take $500 million.

Intel expects PC sales to rise in the fourth quarter, but “the worldwide PC supply chain is reducing inventories and microprocessor purchases as a result of hard disk drive supply shortages.”

“The company expects hard disk drive supply shortages to continue into the first quarter, followed by a rebuilding of microprocessor inventories as supplies of hard disk drives recover during the first half of 2012,” Intel said in a statement.

Other PC chip and PC makers were down today including Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD) down 5.14%, Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) down 3.42% and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ).

Intel didn’t say how there hard drive shortage occurred, but the massive flooding in Thailand heavily impacted hard drive makers. The flooding caused one of the biggest hard drive makers Western Digital Corp. (NYSE:WDC) to shut down operations temporarily.

Intel expects their hard disk shortage to last into the first quarter, but should recover during the first half of 2012.

Facebook Worth $100 Billion? IPO Likely Set for Mid 2012

There are reports today of Facebook being in internal discussions over the exact timing of its filings with the SEC for its IPO, and may file before the end of the year. Reports indicate that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, hasn’t made any final decisions yet. Facebook is also looking into raising $10 billion in an IPO that would value the company at $100 billion if not more.

If you’re looking to compare this to other online juggernauts IPO’s, look at Google, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG). In 2004, when they made their stock debut, the company was worth $27 billion. Google’s market cap today sits around $185 billion.

At a $100 billion valuation, Facebook would be worth more than a lot of big name companies including Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) and Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO).

If they file for an IPO it would be the latest of a series of companies going public in Silicon Valley. Zynga, creator of Farmville, has already filed for an IPO up to $1 billion. In November, the much hyped Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN) IPO was launched, but has since dropped below its IPO price. Other stocks that jumped initially but fell include LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) and Pandora (NYSE:P).

While Facebook does not disclose financial results, sources close to the company told Reuters earlier this year the company’s revenue in the first 6 months of 2011 doubled from the previous year to $1.6 billion.

About Facebook

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph, the digital mapping of people’s real-world social connections. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment.

HP (HPQ) Reports 4Q With Good Results, But Guidance Falls Short

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) reported fiscal fourth quarter earnings that beat Wall Street’s expectations giving way to a surge in share prices in after hours trading on Monday.

With new CEO Meg Whitman at the helm, HP reported In its first quarterly report with new chief executive Meg Whitman at the helm, the company reported net income that fell to $200 million, or 12 cents a share, down 91% compared with last year’s net income of $2.5 billion, or $1.10 a share. However, when adjusted to exclude one-time charges totaling $1.05 a share, and including after-tax costs related to the wind down of the company’s webOS device business, non-GAAP earnings came in at $1.17 a share, down 12% from last year’s fourth-quarter adjusted earnings of $1.33 a share. Analysts had expected earnings of $1.13 a share on revenue of $32.04 billion, according to a poll by Thomson Reuters.

Non-GAAP net revenue fell 3% to $32.3 billion, compared with last year’s net revenue of $33.3 billion.

“HP has a great opportunity to build on our strong hardware, software, and services franchises with leading market positions, customer relationships, and intellectual property,” said Meg Whitman, HP president and chief executive officer. “We need to get back to the business fundamentals in fiscal 2012, including making prudent investments in the business and driving more consistent execution.”

“While FY11 proved to be a challenging year, we grew non-GAAP EPS 7% and generated $12.6 billion in cash flow from operations,” said Cathie Lesjak, HP executive vice president and chief financial officer. “We’re remaining cautious heading into FY12 but are focused on delivering our earnings outlook and driving shareholder value.”

HP’s reported outlook for the first quarter of fiscal 2012, estimates non-GAAP diluted EPS in the range of $0.83 to $0.86, and GAAP diluted EPS in the range of $0.61 to $0.64.

HP expects full year fiscal 2012 non-GAAP diluted EPS of at least $4.00 and GAAP diluted EPS of approximately $3.20. Full year fiscal 2012 non-GAAP diluted EPS estimates exclude after-tax costs of approximately $0.80 per share, related primarily to the amortization and impairment of purchased intangibles, restructuring charges and acquisition-related charges.

Share of Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) were trading at 26.57, down 1.08% in the pre-market at 8:51 am ET on Tuesday.

Stock Futures Rise With Hopes Of A Rebound. Stocks to Watch: HPQ, BRCD, AAPL, NFLX, PEIX, NOK

After four straight sessions of losses, stock futures are rising with hopes of a rebound on Tuesday. The continuation of the debt crisis in the euro zone coupled with worries that U.S. lawmakers are making the same mistakes as the Europeans–loads of rhetoric, but no substantive action–is putting investors and financial markets in a tailspin. The S&P 500 fell almost 2% while the Dow turned negative for the year on Monday. Last week, the S&P recorded its worst week in two months.

S&P 500 futures rose 7.2 points and were above fair value, a formula that evaluates pricing by taking into account interest rates, dividends and time to expiration on the contract. Dow Jones industrial average futures added 41 points, and Nasdaq 100 futures rose 2.75 points.

The S&P has fallen through a key support level at 1,200. The next technical support was seen at 1,187, representing the 61.8% retracement of the 2011 high to low.

The average yield on the 3-month T-bill more than doubled to 5.11%from 2.292% one month earlier. The 6-month T-bill saw yields jump to 5.227% from 3.302%.

Technology shares will be in focus a day after Hewlett-Packard Co (NYSE:HPQ) gave a modest 2012 profit outlook.

The FTSEurofirst 300 rose 0.7% after a steep drop in the previous session, although trading was volatile after yields in a Spanish bill auction rose to their highest in 14 years.

Yields on peripheral euro zone debt climbed, with Italy’s 10-year bond above 6.7% but below the plus-7% that triggers fears a bailout will be needed. On foreign exchanges, the euro was slightly higher against the dollar although severe dollar funding strains are supporting the U.S. currency as European banks scramble to secure cash dollars.

Stocks to watch today include Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ), Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BRCD), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), Pacific Ethanol Inc. (NASDAQ:PEIX) and Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK).

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) is down 1.34% in pre-market trading with 33 thousand shares traded so far. The company released earnings late yesterday and reported better than expected fourth quarter results, but their guidance was lower than expected. HPQ reported revenue of $32.3 billion, down 3% from the same period last year. It was higher than Wall Street expectations of $32.05 billion. For the next quarter, HPQ expects profits of $0.83-$0.86 per share, well below Wall Street’s $1.11. The company has a current market cap of 53.37 billion.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BRCD) is up 6.25% in pre0market trading with 5.8 thousand shares traded so far. BRCD reported a loss in the fourth quarter, but earnings beat expectations. The company’s income was $0.16 per share, beating expectations by $0.06. The stock on average trades 7.11 million shares a day. The company has a current market cap of 2.20 billion.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is up slightly in pre-market trading at 0.36% at $370.24. AAPL trades on average 18.34 million shares daily. Apple is looking to rebound today after the market took a hit yesterday. The company has a current market cap of 342.96 billion.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is down 4.66% in pre-market trading with 192 thousand shares traded so far. NFLX is falling after the company announced a plan to raise cash by selling $400 million worth of stock and convertible notes. Needless to say, investors are not going to like the company diluting shares. NFLX on average trades 9.78 million shares daily. The company has a current market cap of 3.91 billion.

Pacific Ethanol Inc. (NASDAQ:PEIX) is up 2.61% in pre-market trading. PEIX trades 12.19 million shares in volume on average. PEIX closed yesterday down 9.45% at $1.15. The company has a current market cap of 88.67 million.

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is down 2.49% in pre-market trading at $5.87. NOK has traded 1.51 million shares already today and on average trades 29.72 million shares. The stock fell 7.53% yesterday and closed at $6.02. The company has a current market cap of 22.54 billion.

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