Stock Futures Dip After GDP Numbers. Stocks to Watch: EXPE, AMZN, CDTI, EXEL, KOG, POZN, FIO

Wall Street signInvestors are absorbing the impact of the initial GDP estimates number. Coming in at a weaker-than-expected 2.2% annualized, stock futures are trimming their early gains. Wall Street is also having to deal with the credit downgrade of Spain after the close yesterday by the S&P. Dow futures are currently up 4 points. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures are both higher, each adding 12 and 4 points respectively.

On the earnings front, Amazon blew away Wall Street expectations and is surging in premarket trading. The beat was on par with Apple’s and is going a long way to help the tech sector bounce higher.

Europe is still in a state of flux after the S&P downgraded Spain to BBB+ with a negative outlook. The S&P released a statement saying there were rising concerns over Spain’s ability to service its debt and the real possibility they would have to do more to support their financial institutions. This shook European markets initially but they have since regained their footing to the upside. Still an ongoing issue, but investors seem to want to ignore those issues for the day. [Read more...]

Midday Volume Leaders: MU, NOK, SPLS, KOG, NWSA, PEIX

Nasdaq stocksMicron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) is down 1.90% in midday trading at $8.71. MU has traded 27.9 million shares so far today and trades 29.4 million shares a day on average. MU are pulling back slightly today after the stock jumped more than $1 a share in the past week. MU shares had been rising after Micron and Intel announced an expanded NAND flash memory joint venture relationship. The company has a market cap of 8.65 billion.

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is down 1.68% today at $5.28. NOK has traded 26.8 million shares at midday and trades 30.9 million shares a day on average. Nokia shares have been falling the past three days from around $5.80 to a low today of $5.28. NOK shares were downgraded on Tuesday by Oppenheimer to underperform. The company has a market cap of 19.55 billion. [Read more...]

Futures Propped Up By Greek Optimism. Stocks to Watch: KOG, AVID, S, CEDC, RENN, AMZN, VMED

In the long-running Greek saga it seems we are back to optimism today. Investors are hopeful that Greece will strike a deal over its debt today. This would give the country access to the second round of bailout funds. Dow futures are up 21 points to 12,852. The Nasdaq 100 futures are adding 4.25 points, and the S&P 500 is rounding out the positive moves, up one point to 1,345.

The Greek Prime Minister is schedule to meet with coalition leaders on Wednesday. It is hoped that this will clear the way for passage of new measures to secure bailout funds. Without the bailout funds, Greece is almost certainly heading for default in March. The ECB gave ground earlier, agreeing to swap its Greek holding s for less than face value.

At this point, market moves are being dictated by Greece. Any deal should continue the market rally in the short-term. A default would increase the worry about contagion. Of course the bailout does create a sense of moral hazard, because there are other countries that will be in line to get bailed out next. See Portugal.

Prospects for a Greek bailout and a temporary resolution to the crisis is sending both the Asian and European markets higher.

Domestically, earnings season continues today. Shares of Time Warner Inc are up over 3% in pre-market trading after the company topped expectations. They also announced a stock buy-back program and increased their dividend by 11%.

Shares of Walt Disney Co. are down slightly this morning after the company had a slight miss in their first quarter. Revenues came in at 10.78 billion versus expectations 11.19 billion.

Stocks to watch today include Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (NYSE:KOG), Avid Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:AVID), Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S), Central European Distribution Corp. (NASDAQ:CEDC), Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN), Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Virgin Media Inc. (NASDAQ:VMED)

Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp (NYSE:KOG) is up 1.78% in pre market trading at $9.13. KOG typically trades 6.5 million shares a day on average. Kodiak reported yesterday that they assumed its sixth operated rig and all of KOG’s rigs are drilling on wells in North Dakota. The company has a market cap of 1.88 billion.

Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVID) is up 16.63% in pre market trading at $11.64. AVID shares are jumping this morning after the company reported good quarterly results yesterday. Avid Technology beat EPS estimates by $0.23 a share and also beat revenue estimates. The company has a market cap of 385.28 million.

Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) is up 2.86% in pre market trading at $2.52. Sprint posted a net loss this morning for the previous quarter, but saw revenue gain from the iPhone. The CEO also said he sees the iPhone bring significant value over the long term. The company has a market cap of 7.34 billion.

Central European Distribution Corp. (NASDAQ:CEDC) is up 7.91% in pre market trading at $6.00. CEDC shares are up 50% in the past week following news that Russian Standard will increase stake in the company. The company has a market cap of 403.06 million.

Renren Inc. (NYSE:RENN) is up 3.63% in pre market trading at $5.23. RENN shares have seen a lot of volatility lately due to the Facebook IPO news. RENN jumped more than 50% last month, but has since fallen some and has been whipsawing between $5 and $5.50 every day. The company has a market cap of 2.05 billion.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is up 0.48% in pre market trading at $185.07. AMZN shares are up about $15 a share since last Wednesday. Amazon and Viacom are close to a web video deal according to reports yesterday. The company has a market cap of 83.82 billion.

Virgin Media Inc. (NASDAQ:VMED) is up 3.83% in pre market trading at $25.21. VMED shares are up after the company reported fourth quarter results. TiVo and broadband helped boost Virgin Media in the fourth quarter. The company also saw a rise in customers. The company has a market cap of 7.31 billion.

Active Stocks In Afternoon Trading: CPY, BVSN, ENER, MSFT, NKTR, KOG, MHR, FRO

Stocks continue to trade mixed in afternoon trading with the Dow in positive territory while the Nasdaq and S&P are negative. Earnings from tech giants Microsoft and IBM are helping prop up the Dow. Google’s disappointing earnings and nagging concerns in Europe held the other two indices down. Right now the Dow is up 56 points, the Nasdaq has dropped 8 points and the S&P is off 3 points.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most active stocks trading today.

CPI Corporation (NYSE:CPY) is up 24.26% this afternoon at $1.68. CPY is trading heavy volume today as the stock is seeing a nice bounce after falling from over $5 in late December following poor third quarter results. CPY has traded 1.6 million shares so far today, more than five times its daily average. The company has a current market cap of 11.89 million.

BroadVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:BVSN) continues to go higher today and is up another 15.89% at $28.01. BVSN continues to trade extremely high volume compared to its daily average with 734 thousand shares traded today. The stock’s daily average volume is 95 thousand shares. BVSN shares are up $15 a share since early January. The company has a market cap of 130.89 million.

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENER) is up 1.01% today at $1. ENER shares are trying to hold these small gains today after dipping more than $0.50 the previous two trading days. ENER has traded 4.5 million shares so far today, more than double its daily average. The company has a market cap of 54.34 million.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is up 5.01% this afternoon at $29.53. MSFT is up on heavy volume today following quarterly results that beat expectations. MSFT has traded 125.8 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 54.2 million shares. The company has a market cap of 249 billion.

Nektar Therapeutics (NASDAQ:NKTR) is down 5.24% right now at $5.97. NKTR is trading above average volume today with 1.3 million shares traded. No recent news for NKTR, but overall the stock is up more 50% since late November and has been pulling back slightly in recent days. The company has a market cap of 677.97 million.

Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. (NYSE:KOG) is down 5.69% at $9.19. KOG has traded 6.9 million shares this afternoon, 400 thousand more shares than its daily average. KOG has had choppy trading recently, but is up 150% since October. The company has a market cap of 1.93 billion.

Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation (NYSE:MHR) has dropped 5.41% today at $5.5975. MHR has traded 3.3 million shares today and will finish the day with above average volume. Oil and natural gas companies have been getting hit in recent days as natural gas prices have plummeted. The company has a market cap of 743.79 million.

Frontline Ltd. (NYSE:FRO) is down 4.80% today at $4.76. FRO has traded 1.2 million shares today and trades 2.6 million shares a day on average. FRO is taking a bit of a hit today, but is still in an upward trend for the past month and a half. In that period, FRO shares have jumped from less than $3 to over $5. The company has a market cap of 371.38 million.

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