Futures Flat as Investors Eye Earnings Season, Stocks to Watch: NOK, VRNG, F, AAPL, LLY, NFLX

Earnings season coupled with the IMF sounding the growth alarm has stock futures drifting an hour before the open. Escalating tensions between Turkey and Syria are also causing investors to pause. Alcoa’s earnings after the bell will be the tone setter for the rest of the week. The Dow is slightly negative, while the S&P and Nasdaq are each posting small gains in the pre-market session.

The IMF’s global growth report slashed forecasts for 2012 and 2013. It also included the warnings that growth would further be hampered unless the US gets a hold of the impending fiscal cliff and the EU get its act together in regards to the ever present debt crisis.

Stocks in Europe were edging lower on due to a meeting in Luxembourg by EU finance officials. Some investors are wondering if Spain will submit a formal bailout request today. Most observers think that is unlikely though SPain’s cash position is tenuous at best.

In commodities, gold and oil are both higher in morning trading. Oil is riding the geopolitical tensions out of the middle east and is up a dollar a barrel to just over $90. Gold futures are essentially flat, up ninety cents to %$1776.60 per ounce. [Read more...]

Big Board Stocks In The Green: VMC, LNKD, AGO, GE, INTC, LLY

The stock market continues to look sluggish in morning trading today as the Dow is up 34 points, the Nasdaq is down 7 points and the S&P is down 0.5 point. The main reason behind this market action today is Standard & Poor’s putting much of the euro zone under credit watch downgrade. The ratings agency also put the EFSF on credit watch downgrade.

Let’s take a look at some big board stocks that are ignoring the sluggish market and are heading up.

Vulcan Materials Company (NYSE:VMC) is up 4.34% at $34.37 this morning. VMC has traded 2.3 million shares so far today, already above its daily average volume of 1.7 million shares. Over the past five trading sessions, VMC has seen a gain of $4 a share. Vulcan Materials has a market cap of 4.47 billion.

LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) is up 3.90% this morning at $72.68. LNKD has traded 1.4 million shares so far today and trades 1.2 million shares a day on average. LinkedIn is up today after J.P. Morgan upgraded the stock to overweight. LNKD is up more than $10 a share over the past week. The company has a current market cap of 7.12 billion.

Assured Guaranty Ltd. (NYSE:AGO) is up 3.52% this morning at $12.66. AGO has traded 1.6 million shares already today and should pass its daily average volume of 2.3 million shares. AGO stock is up $2.50 over the past week as some analysts think the stock will go higher. Assured Guaranty has a market cap of 2.31 billion.

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) is up 2.05% today at $16.67. GE has traded 23.6 million shares so far today and trades 70.8 million shares a day on average. GE has risen about $1 a share since last Wednesday. General Electric has a market cap of 176.31 billion.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is up 1.08% this morning at $25.28. INTC has traded 17.4 million shares so far today and averages 63.2 million shares a day. INTC is trading near its 52-week high of $25.49 today. INTC stock has jumped nearly $1 a share in the past five trading sessions. Intel Corporation has a market cap of 129.03 billion.

Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE:LLY) is up 3.74% at $38.81 so far today. LLY has traded 7.3 million shares this morning, about a million shares short of its daily average for a full day. LLY is up close to $2 a share since last Wednesday. The company has a current market cap of 43.25 billion.

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