After Hours Report for April 16

NasdaqDefinitely a mixed bag on Wall Street today. The Dow jumped back into positive territory while Apple sent the Nasdaq into the red. Economic data also gave investors a mixed bag as the NY manufacturing index cooled and the housing issue continues to haunt the street. Add in some storm clouds building in Europe and to say we might me in a bit of limbo would be an understatement.

The big news internationally will be Argentina’s nationalization of YPF. That is sure to cause consternation in Spain which has already released a statement saying they are weighing their options (diplo-speak for we ain’t happy). Domestically tech darlings Apple and Google seem to have lost their upward momentum with Apple shares dropping 4% today.

The Dow closed up 72, while the Nasdaq dropped 23. The S&P ended the day flat. [Read more...]

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