Hot Stocks to Watch: MEG, GALE, MUX, SHLD, FFN, ARRY

Market newsNot even Wal Mart can save the market today which is heading for yet another loss. Macro data from the Philly Fed and the ongoing Europe struggles continue to weigh on the market. The IMF just released a statement saying that the ECB may need to do more to shore up confidence and the markets.

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One piece of good news came from jobless claims. They held steady at 370k after being revised up slightly from the week prior. Still shows that the labor market is anemic but it is not slumping just yet. Needless to say investors will be watching that gauge as we head into summer.

Currently the Dow is off 45 points, the Nasdaq 17 and the S&P 5. [Read more...]

NYSE Stocks Dipping Today: LPR, CEL, PCX, MUX, ANR, JAG

Wall StreetLone Pine Resources Inc. (NYSE:LPR) is down 20.08% this morning at $3.94. LPR has traded 1.7 million shares so far today, 4 times its average volume. Lone Pine Resources announced first quarter results late yesterday. Lone Pine reported a net loss of $0.07 per diluted share compared to $0.02 per diluted share a year ago. The company has a market cap of 335 million.

Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE:CEL) is down 15.31% today at $8.85. CEL has traded 1.1 million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 302 thousand shares. CEL shares continue to drop today after Cellcom Israel reported first quarter results. Cellcom Israel reported earnings fell 44%. The company has a market cap of 881.40 million. [Read more...]

NYSE Stocks Slipping in Morning Trading: IOC, KEM, MUX, LYG, URI, ING

Traders at the NYSEInterOil Corporation (NYSE:IOC) is down 11.16% this morning at $51.40. IOC has traded just over a million shares so far today, well above its daily average of 779 thousand shares. IOC shares are falling after the company received a letter from the Department of Petroleum and Energy in Papua New Guinea saying the government intends to cancel a planned natural gas agreement with a joint venture led by InterOil. The company has a market cap of 2.54 billion.

Kemet Corp. (NYSE:KEM) is down 6.27% today at $5.65. KEM has traded nearly 700 thousand shares so far today, double its daily average volume. KEM shares have dropped 30% in the past five days with the biggest drop coming after earnings last Thursday. [Read more...]

NYSE Stocks Trading Higher Today: SD, MWW, HL, FRO, SPN, CIS, MUX

The NYSE BullStocks are rebounding heading into midday led by energy stocks. Gains are being limited today by disappointing data from the housing sector. Home sales fell 1.6% last month to 313,000, analysts were expecting to see sales come in at 325,000. The average price of a home rose 8.3% in February to $233,700, the highest in about 8 months.

The stock market has been in decline much of the week as investors voice their concerns over a slowdown in China and the euro zone’s weak economy.

The major stock indices have turned mostly positive in the past hour with the Dow up 31 points, the Nasdaq still in the red by 5 points and the S&P 500 has gained 2 points. [Read more...]

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