Hot Stocks to Watch: ASUR, PCX, MVIS, JRCC, YELP, NFLX

Traders at the NYSEThe broader markets are coming back with a case of the post-holiday blues. While domestic data surprised to the upside, concerns of the EU continue to ramp up. A series of interest rate cuts by the ECB, China and the UK have spooked traders as we head into the weekend. It shows that global economic conditions remain weak and are expected to remain there.

Domestic data, while positive, have little respite for investors. The ADP report surprised to the upside and jobless claims fell to their lowest level in 6 weeks. The NFP report on unemployment is due out tomorrow before the bell. Sign Up For Free Stock Alerts

A quick check of the market has the Dow down 70, the Nasdaq 12 and the S&P 8. [Read more...]

Hot Stocks to Watch: RWC, AMLN, VRML, TNK, PNR, GLUU, YELP, ZLCS

Wall Street signEconomic data is holding stocks down this morning as durable goods orders rose less than expected. Durable goods orders rose 2.2% in February and future business investment missed forecasts. Economists were expecting a 3.0% jump in durable goods orders for February.

Europe is back in the spotlight today as many believe that Spain has fallen into its second recession in three years.

A quick look at the markets show all the major indices in negative territory. The Dow is down 38 points, the Nasdaq is down 10 points and the S&P 500 is down 6 points. [Read more...]

Investors Look Ahead to Fed Meeting and 6 Hot Stocks to Watch: CDTI, PWAV, YOKU, YELP, EXC, JVA

Wall Street signThe Fed is expected to come back into sharp focus as investors await news from their upcoming meeting. While most observers thing that the Fed will hold off on any new rounds of stimulus, they think it is becoming an eventuality.

While the data has been on a positive trajectory, the numbers under the numbers paint a less than rosy picture. The labor market is being bolstered by temp jobs. Is that sustainable in the long-term? Will it lead to a crimp in consumer spending. Will final demand be depressed due to rising fuel prices? All of these questions face the fed as they decide what to do to keep the economy in recovery mode.

Outside of the Fed statement, investors are looking forward to February retail sales numbers. Expected at 8:30am EST, they are expected to show a 1.1 percent gain. Most of that will be attributable to the jump in gasoline prices and auto sales. The rise in gas prices could also crimp fed action due to inflationary concerns. [Read more...]

Market Continues Negative, Midday Movers: TEAR, GALE, WPX, PPO, YELP, LCC

Wall StreetStocks continue to trade in negative territory today as worst than expected economic data from Europe and China weights on investors. China cut its 2012 growth target to 7.5% as the country. Chinese Premiere Wen Jiabao said the country hopes to reach this new target by using prudent monetary policies to fight pressure to its growth and high inflation. Investors continue to worry about a Greek default. Last week, Moody’s downgraded Greece to the lowest bond rating.

In the U.S., economic news continues to be positive. The ISM index for February hit 57.3, beating economists’ expectations of 56.1. Positive news closer to home couldn’t overshadow negative news overseas though. Right now the Dow is down 45 points, the Nasdaq is off 28 points and the S&P 500 is down 8 points.

TearLab Corporation (NASDAQ:TEAR) is up 11.93% in midday trading at $1.97. TEAR is up on above average volume with 220 thousand shares traded. TEAR shares are bouncing back today after dipping from $2 to $1.70 over the past two weeks. On the year, TEAR is up about $0.90 from its low of $1.10. The company has a market cap of 40.42 million. [Read more...]

Oil Prices Sour The Mood on Wall Street. Stocks to Watch: SFLY, ZNGA, NOK, YELP, SIRI, AONE, BAC

Stock FuturesThe lack of a substantial move higher and rising concerns over oil is keeping a lid on pre-market gains this morning. Dow futures are currently down 30 points to 12,943. Nasdaq 100 futures are down 8.50 points to 2,635. The S&P 500 is rounding out the drops in pre-market, down 3.50 points to 1,371.

Investors are starting to worry about complacency in the market and how that normally foretells an abrupt downturn. In a word, the market has been boring. Without a catalyst t push the market higher, the expectations of a correction are growing. this could shake out the profit holders and once it is over, get new money back into the system.

With no economic data on the calendar today, all eyes will be on oil. Crude jumped temporarily overnight after reports of a pipeline explosion in eastern Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom denied the report even with pictures from PressTV. Then again, it is PressTV, the Iranian media arm. Not exactly the CNN of the Middle East. [Read more...]

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