5 Penny Stocks With Volume to Watch

penny stocksPenny stocks didn’t get to lay claim to volatility yesterday. It returned with a vengeance on the broader market as investors got their first chance to digest the jobs number from last Friday. One takeaway that should give the bulls some solace is that the route was not volume heavy. Volume was light so it showed that the majority of investors were in a wait and see mode.

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In the world of penny stocks, it is all about the pumps. SNPK, once thought a one and done continues to defy expectations and climbed above a dollar today. Could be the recent acquisitions of several promoters into one giant promoter that is helping keep this one alive. As always, trade nimble if penny stocks interest you. Those moon shots are fleeting so be happy when you make money and leave. [Read more...]

3 Penny Stocks Posting Strong Gains Today

penny stocksThe OTC market continues to be full of volatile stocks today. Former runners like NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (OTC:NEOM) and Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTC:SNPK) have seen better days as both are trading lower today. Not all is bleak in the land of penny stocks though as a few stocks are posting strong gains today.

Overall the stock market is weaker today as selling pressure has all the major indices down on the day. As with any down day, you have analysts coming out saying this is the beginning of a bigger downturn. They said the same back when the Dow lost more than 200 points before rallying back over 13,000. It’s going to take more than one negative day for the market to turn bearish. [Read more...]

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