Penny Stocks Trading Higher in Mixed Market

Wall StreetA mixed bag on the street. Lowered expectations for Citi had the company beating the lowered bar. The company has had pretty much every advantage via bailouts etc and still has a flat quarter. Sellers have targeted Apple today which is dragging the Nasdaq lower.

In penny stocks you are starting to hard the rumblings of the next big promotional stock. Whether or not it goes for the moon like LEXG or crashes and burns like the others remains to be seen. The timetable for it is still unknown but the chat-rooms and message boards are abuzz with ‘soon’. [Read more...]

7 Active Penny Stocks With Heavy Volume

penny stocksVolatility. That’s what defines a penny stock runner. It can go either way in a split second but to fans of the otc/otcbb market, that’s what it is all about. The shortened week did not disappoint with several stocks keeping up with their pumps, while others were message board runners.

The broader market was a mixed bag as investors looked for direction. The jobs report beat estimates, but the BLS statistics are getting laughable at this point. The previous week gets adjusted upward to account for a drop this week. With traders looking forward to the extended weekend stocks ended the day mostly flat. The Dow dropped 15, the Nasdaq added 12 and the S&P dropped a point. [Read more...]

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