7 Active Penny Stocks That Finished Green

penny stocksThe market was rocked by several data points coming from across the globe on Friday. The Chinese miss in GDP growth was especially concerning for investors as they look at both Europe and China now as possible issues going forward for the global recovery.

The miss in jobs numbers also reaffirmed the Fed’s position that the labor market lacks long term sustainability and they will have to continue their accommodative stance on monetary policy. The risk is becoming all too real that the economies of the world may be mired in a period of stagnation similar to what Japan has been experiencing since the 1990s.

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Penny Stocks With Large Volume: CBIS, MJNA, NSRS, UBRG

penny stocksStocks gave up all of their early gains today once Ben Bernanke started speaking before Congress. The Dow lost hold of 13,000 and is now down nearly 60 points at $12,947. The Nasdaq briefly hit 3,000 before falling 15 points to 2,972 and the S&P 500 is down 7 points. Bernanke acknowledged gains in the labor market, but told a congressional panel “the job market is far from normal.” There were no signs that the Fed was ready for another round of QE. At a meeting late last month, the Fed said interest rates would remain extremely low through late 2014.

Penny Stocks to Watch

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Penny Stocks to Watch: NSRS, CBIS, GDSM, LOGL

penny stocksStocks opened lower this morning with the Dow down as much as 80 points. That quickly changed however once news that pending home sales rose to the highest in 2 years and the price of oil began to fall. Pending home sales rose 8% last month, way above the 1% economists were estimating. Falling oil prices also helped the market turn positive as prices fell $1 to about $109/barrel. At midday, the Dow is up 28 points, the Nasdaq is up 8 points and the S&P 500 is up 4 points.

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Penny Stocks in Peril – AWSR, NSRS, TFER

penny stocksThe dark side of penny stock trading was exposed for all to see this morning. In what has been 2-months of near constant winners in the stock promotion arena, a supposed mistake by a promoter sent a stock crashing 50% in mere seconds.

On the broader market, the Dow seems to be searching for a catalyst to continue the rally. Oil prices are definitely dampening investor spirits as we head into the weekend. While consumer sentiment numbers have been god, a spike in gas prices is almost certainly going to send those numbers crashing back down. The lack of a firm continuation of the rally has analysts worried that a correction may be in store for the broader markets.

Penny Stocks to Watch

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Penny Stocks To Watch – NSRS, CBIS, ATRN, GRNE

penny stocksIn search of a new catalyst for the bull rally, the market is drifting higher today after jobless claims remained the same week-to-week. Rising gas prices are also working to keep the market relatively subdues. Luckily for the most risk-tolerant traders, there is a market with plenty of volatility. Penny stocks.

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4 Hot Penny Stocks Dominating The Market – NSRS, ATRN, HRAL, ATTD

penny stocksWhile the broader market has lacked volatility, penny stocks make their living off whipsawing between positive and negative territory. The broader market has been flirting with Dow 13k all morning on the heels of a possible Greek deal. In the penny stock world, pumps and dumps continue to rule the day. Here are 5 making moves today.

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