3 Penny Stocks Posting Strong Gains Today

penny stocksThe OTC market continues to be full of volatile stocks today. Former runners like NeoMedia Technologies Inc. (OTC:NEOM) and Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTC:SNPK) have seen better days as both are trading lower today. Not all is bleak in the land of penny stocks though as a few stocks are posting strong gains today.

Overall the stock market is weaker today as selling pressure has all the major indices down on the day. As with any down day, you have analysts coming out saying this is the beginning of a bigger downturn. They said the same back when the Dow lost more than 200 points before rallying back over 13,000. It’s going to take more than one negative day for the market to turn bearish. [Read more...]

4 Penny Stocks Making Noise Today

penny stocksPenny stocks continue to be the seedy underbelly of the broader market. It is where fortunes can be made in minutes and life savings lost in the next. That has definitely been true over the past few days as we have seen stock promotions shoot up 100%+ only to crash back to earth.

On the broader market, AAPL is ruling the day with the announcement of its buy-back and dividend program. Once a bastion of low-growth stocks, dividends were normally something you put in your portfolio for that security. Like everything else Apple touches, it seems to have made the dividend cool again.

With Apple supporting the Nasdaq, the Dow is being led higher by Bank of America. Housing data helped fuel the turnaround during middy trading. The National Association of Home-builders and Wells Fargo both said their sentiment indexes remained at their highest levels in 5 years.

Investors are hopeful that continued good economic data will help fuel the market to greater heights. Housing will continue to be the focus the rest of the week. [Read more...]

Cheap Stocks Trading Higher This Afternoon: PWAV, COSI, MOTR, SNPK, TFER, BPZ

Wall StreetPowerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV) is up 24.65% this afternoon at $1.77. PWAV has traded 1.8 million shares so far today, more than double its average volume. PWAV shares are up about $0.80 in the past week. The company has a market cap of 55.23 million.

Cosi, Inc. (NASDAQ:COSI) is up 9.31% today at $1.1150. COSI has traded 1.2 million shares this afternoon, 6 times its usual volume. COSI shares are up today on rumors of a Panera buyout of Cosi. Cosi is also announcing earnings later this month and today’s gain could be investors positioning themselves for that. The company has a market cap of 58.32 million.

Motricity, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOTR) is up 7.59% today at $1.21. MOTR is up on light volume today with 904 thousand shares traded. The stock trades 1.8 million shares a day on average. MOTR shares are up about $0.15 in the past couple of days. The company has a market cap of 55.15 million. [Read more...]

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