5 Penny Stocks With Volume to Watch

penny stocksPenny stocks didn’t get to lay claim to volatility yesterday. It returned with a vengeance on the broader market as investors got their first chance to digest the jobs number from last Friday. One takeaway that should give the bulls some solace is that the route was not volume heavy. Volume was light so it showed that the majority of investors were in a wait and see mode.

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In the world of penny stocks, it is all about the pumps. SNPK, once thought a one and done continues to defy expectations and climbed above a dollar today. Could be the recent acquisitions of several promoters into one giant promoter that is helping keep this one alive. As always, trade nimble if penny stocks interest you. Those moon shots are fleeting so be happy when you make money and leave. [Read more...]

7 Active Penny Stocks With Heavy Volume

penny stocksVolatility. That’s what defines a penny stock runner. It can go either way in a split second but to fans of the otc/otcbb market, that’s what it is all about. The shortened week did not disappoint with several stocks keeping up with their pumps, while others were message board runners.

The broader market was a mixed bag as investors looked for direction. The jobs report beat estimates, but the BLS statistics are getting laughable at this point. The previous week gets adjusted upward to account for a drop this week. With traders looking forward to the extended weekend stocks ended the day mostly flat. The Dow dropped 15, the Nasdaq added 12 and the S&P dropped a point. [Read more...]

7 Active Penny Stocks To Watch for Monday

penny stocksWith penny stocks you always know what to expect. Lots of volatility and manipulation. Be it the new promo stock on the block, or the old winner that is trying to bounce off its dump, experienced traders know what they are getting when they get into the otc and otcbb markets.

On the broader market, it will all be about the test of the rally’s strength. What will the jobs report show? Earnings? The Fed? Europe. Lots of lingering concerns for a market that has just had its best quarter since the tech bubble. First up will be the jobs report which expectations have been tempered as of later. Most analysts expect a moderate increase, but below the average job creation of the past few months.

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