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Penny Stocks to Watch – NSRS and ATRN

The recent rally has not been enjoyed by just the upper-class of stocks. Stocks on the otc and otcbb market always enjoy insane volatility. The broader market is rallying today on news that Greece has agreed to terms for another bailout. Whether or not they actually make good on the promises is another matter entirely. However, the deal has worked to calm to the markets.

Outside of the EU sovereign debt crisis, geopolitical tensions are ratcheting up in the Middle East. Israel is laying the blame for the two attacks on diplomats in Georgia and India squarely on Iran. The accuse Iran with being complicit with Hezbollah in planning and carrying out the attacks. The news sent oil higher as fears of an Israeli strike over Iran’s nuclear program grow. [Read more...]

One and Done – POWRtec International Corp (POWT) Plummets

What was shaping up to be first major pump in penny stock land for 2012 turned into a nightmare in the second day. POWRtec International Corp. (OTC:POWT) saw a major run-up on Wednesday after the front-loading on Tuesday. The stock jumped triple digit percentages yesterday and the forum chatter on the stock was at a fever pitch. The group behind the email promotion has had a string of long-term (relative term in penny stocks) winning streaks in recent months.

POWT opened with a gap up this morning but quickly had a wave of sellers come in a rip the stock to shreds. Now the penny stock promoters behind the stock will claim massive short selling but in reality you can look to the front-running volume earlier in the week.

Overall it pays to be wary of these types of plays. Not saying you cannot make money on it but this is not like buying Apple stock. If you are willing to risk the money these are definitely day trades. You do not want to buy and hold. For every Cinderella penny stock story of runners lasting week, there is a road filled with shattered dreams of penny stocks that collapsed after a day. If you want to play the game of penny stocks you have to be nimble and unemotional. Just take your profits when you have them and cut losses quick.

Recent POWT news has them announcing they are delivering fifty thousand smart meters to Danish Utility energy giant, DONG Energy. This will bring the total number of smart meters to 210,000 meters when deployed in the next 12 months.

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4 Active Stocks Under $2: IPAS, RAYS, LEXG, MILV

Stocks under $2 today have seen some decent action today. Some are penny stocks which are notorious for pump and dumps, while others are real, operating companies.

iPass Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAS) is up $0.22 at $1.52 in afternoon trading, a gain of 16.92%. The company announced Q3 results yesterday after market close. iPass reported revenue of $34.4 million. Net loss was reported at $0.8 million in Q3 compared to $1.1 million the prior quarter, and $1.9 million in Q3 last year. IPAS is up on above average volume with 384 thousand shares traded, twice its usual volume. IPAS has a market cap of 86.38 million.

Raystream Inc. (OTC:RAYS) is up $0.09 at $1.33 today, a gain of 7.26%. RAYS has been one of the most traded ‘penny stocks’ recently as it has had a huge promotion campaign behind it. These promotional campaigns are more commonly called ‘pump and dumps’. RAYS moved from $1 to around $2.50, before the ‘dump’ started. Yesterday, RAYS fell from $2.50 to $1.24 in a matter of a few hours.

Lithium Exploration Group Inc. (OTC:LEXG) is back at again today, moving up 32% to $1.65. LEXG was the infamous stock that ran from $1 to $10 and back to $1 again in a few short months earlier this year. This major run up was caused by a huge promotional campaign that got it started and then big investors coming in to trade it as well. No news on LEXG, could be some forum rumors going around on it.

Mistral Ventures Inc. (PINK:MILV) is another penny stock that is being pumped. MILV is up 42% today at $0.1340. Over 42 million shares have been traded so far today.

While some cheap stocks are real, operating companies – a lot of them are shell companies that get promoted. While trading stocks is risky, penny stocks are even more risky. If you’re interested in learning more about the penny stock market, head on over to our partner site at

Penny Stocks Watchlist: RAYS Dips Hard and LEXG Rallies

Penny stocks, you always hear about how dangerous and volatile they are. Yet many traders can’t help but be drawn to them. Today we saw just how volatile and crazy the penny stock market can be.

Raystream Inc. (OTC:RAYS) dipped hard around the lunch hour, falling more than 30% and hit an intraday low of $1.52. The stock has since recovered some and is trading at $1.72. RAYS has been all the rage lately as it is currently being pumped. Today’s dip could spell trouble for many investors as a panic could cause a full fledged ‘dump’. The company also released news today, announcing the their live streaming video compression technology. RAYS has traded over 7.55 million shares today, 4 times its daily average.

Lithium Exploration Group Inc. (OTC:LEXG) rallied over 50% so far today at $1.34. LEXG became infamous earlier this year after it was pumped from $1 to $10 and dumped back to $1. The stock has jumped over 100% in the past few days. No news on the company, it looks like daytraders coming in and out or maybe some kind of small pump behind it. LEXG has traded nearly 1 million shares so far today, nearly 10 times its daily average.

Other penny stocks seeing action today are Curaxis Pharmaceuticals Corp (PINK:CURX) up 127%, WikiLoan Inc. (PINK:WKLI) up 53% and White Smile Global Inc. (OTC:WSML) up 13%.

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