SNPK Collapses in Epic Fashion and 4 Penny Stocks With Heavy Volume

penny stocksThe broader market is taking a breather today after the monstrous snap-back rally yesterday. Earnings from Intel and IBM are not helping matters as they both came in as a disappointment. Overall earning season has been good one so far but many analysts worry about the overall lack of confidence in the market. It shifts with the slightest change in wind.

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In the world of penny stocks traders are getting a lesson in what happens when a pump runs out of gas. It falls off a cliff. The pump du jour over the past few weeks has been SNPK and it looks like its number was called today. At around 11am, the bottom fell out of the stock which had been trading in the $2 range. And like all dumps, it was fast and furious. Like going into a crowded room and yelling fire. Everyone hit the eject button at once. [Read more...]

Penny Stocks Trading Higher in Mixed Market

Wall StreetA mixed bag on the street. Lowered expectations for Citi had the company beating the lowered bar. The company has had pretty much every advantage via bailouts etc and still has a flat quarter. Sellers have targeted Apple today which is dragging the Nasdaq lower.

In penny stocks you are starting to hard the rumblings of the next big promotional stock. Whether or not it goes for the moon like LEXG or crashes and burns like the others remains to be seen. The timetable for it is still unknown but the chat-rooms and message boards are abuzz with ‘soon’. [Read more...]

7 Active Penny Stocks That Finished Green

penny stocksThe market was rocked by several data points coming from across the globe on Friday. The Chinese miss in GDP growth was especially concerning for investors as they look at both Europe and China now as possible issues going forward for the global recovery.

The miss in jobs numbers also reaffirmed the Fed’s position that the labor market lacks long term sustainability and they will have to continue their accommodative stance on monetary policy. The risk is becoming all too real that the economies of the world may be mired in a period of stagnation similar to what Japan has been experiencing since the 1990s.

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6 Penny Stocks Rallying Alongside the Market

Wall StreetAfter five days of declines the market bounced back today thanks in part to Alcoa’s stellar earnings. Yesterday, Alcoa posted first quarter earnings of $0.10 per share, beating analysts estimates of a $0.04 loss. Worries over Europe have subsided somewhat today as borrowing costs in Italy and Spain fell. Investors will be keeping an eye on Italy’s bond auction on Thursday as well.

With two hours left in trading the Dow is up 126 points, the Nasdaq is up 30 points and the S&P 500 is up 14 points. [Read more...]

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