5 Active Penny Stocks With Heavy Volume: DOMK, LUXR, SNPK, SEFE, IMUC

penny stocksThe broader market is getting hammered today on news that the pro-bailout parties lack enough seats in parliament to form a ruling coalition. The focus now shifts to the anti-bailout parties to see if they can form a ruling coalition. If they can they have already promised to throw out the Greek debt deal and call for a moratorium on all Greek debt. This has the market reacting quite negatively.

Currently the Dow is near its session lows, off 166. The Nasdaq and S&P are both negative, down 46 and 18 respectively.

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Penny stocks are still being dominated by the pumps that were. As traders wait for the next big promotional push, the older ones are a mixed bag. SEFE is trying to recover a bit of its former glory, while SNPK searches the sub-basement. These type of plays always end the same. Epic ramp ups followed by an even more epic collapse. If you want to play the game you have to know the rules. What goes up in the promotional world always finds gravity. Traders should be nimble in the otc and otcbb markets. [Read more...]

Five Penny Stocks Trading Heavy Volume Today: LUXR, DOMK, TRYF, CBIS, MDRM

Wall StreetThe stock market finished the day mixed as investors shake news of Europe’s election results, which have casted a cloud over the EU’s ability to handle its debt crisis. A socialist beat Sarkozy for France’s top spot and Greece saw fringe parties make huge gains in their parliament. Both winners have taken anti austerity stances which Germany and the ECB have been pushing onto other countries. Many view this as a positive since a focus on growth will help EU countries get out of their fiscal troubles.

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The Dow ended the day down 29 points after being down about 70 points in early trading. The Nasdaq closed up 1.4 points and the S&P 500 up about a half point. [Read more...]

Six Penny Stocks With Large Volume – INBP, GWBU, UBRG, ICPA, LUXR, CBIS

Wall Street signIntegrated Biopharma Inc. (OTC:INBP) closed the day up 680% at $0.19. INBP traded huge volume today with 5.5 million shares traded, way above its daily average of just 4 thousand shares. INBP hit an intraday high of $0.33 earlier this afternoon, before settling back down around $0.20. No recent news for INBP in the past few weeks, looks like some kind of stock promotion is behind today’s run up.

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Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC:GWBU) went up 37.50% today at $0.55. GWBU traded over 9 million shares today as it hit an intraday high of $0.63 around midday. Great Wall Builders announced a new chairman and directors yesterday after market close. [Read more...]

SEFE A Feast for Shorts Today and 4 Penny Stocks to Watch: LQMT, LUXR, STVF, DOMK

penny stocksSefe Incorporated (OTC:SEFE) is a shorter’s paradise today. After running up well past the $2 per share mark, notorious penny stock shorter Timothy Sykes jumped into the fray blasting away at the promoted stock. The stock was rumored to be the next LEXG style play but it looks like it has fizzled before it could reach the ridiculous mark set by LEXG last year.

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What traders should take away from plays like these is that you have to be in on the start of these plays. After it is has run up for days and days, the likelihood of a continued run diminishes exponentially as the days go by. Playing SEFE stock is a gamble and one that should only be undertaken by risk tolerant traders. Don’t look for the moon shot, they are few and far between. If you make money, move on. And cut losses as quickly as possible.

The broader market is enjoying a nice rally today on the back of earnings and solid housing data. Pending home sales hit a 23-month high and could be sign we are finally seeing a turnaround in the housing market. Or it could just be a green-shoot suckering investors in. Earnings that are still on deck include Amazon which will be watched closely to see how the kindle fire is faring against the juggernaut of Apple’s iPad. [Read more...]

5 Penny Stocks Posting Strong Gains

penny stocksThe bulls have seized the reigns once again and are leading the market higher. Ebbing concerns over Europe, at least in the near-term, have helped drive the broader market higher. Domestically, the economic data points were mixed at best. Housing starts took a dive, though permits jumped. Most of the permits were in multi-dwelling construction so any hopes for a real housing recovery are still on hold.

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In the world of penny stocks, it is all about the pump that keeps on going. SNPK just keeps going up on promotional email after promotional email. One has to wonder when the momentum will dry up, and it will be sooner rather than later. Traders that want to play that game should realize eventually the music stops and they have thrown all the chairs overboard. But they cna be fun rides when they go up if you play them right. [Read more...]

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