7 Active Penny Stocks To Watch for Monday

penny stocksWith penny stocks you always know what to expect. Lots of volatility and manipulation. Be it the new promo stock on the block, or the old winner that is trying to bounce off its dump, experienced traders know what they are getting when they get into the otc and otcbb markets.

On the broader market, it will all be about the test of the rally’s strength. What will the jobs report show? Earnings? The Fed? Europe. Lots of lingering concerns for a market that has just had its best quarter since the tech bubble. First up will be the jobs report which expectations have been tempered as of later. Most analysts expect a moderate increase, but below the average job creation of the past few months.

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5 Volatile Penny Stocks to Watch – STVF, SNPK, NEOM, TFER, SNDY

penny stocksPenny stocks are not the only index feeling the volatility today. The broader markets are feeling the pinch today after growth concerns emerged out of China. Mix it some European deja vu and you have the makings for a negative day on Wall Street.

Right now the major indices are down on the day and the declines are accelerating. The Dow is off 84 points to 13,043. The Nasdaq 100 is down 32 to 3,073. The S&P 500 is rounding out the negative day, off 13 to 1,392.

In the world of penny stocks, the name of the game still seems to be older pumps. Lots of volume and moves, but it seems like traders are waiting for the next big mover. Definitely an arena for day traders cause if you think a traditional buy and hold strategy works in the penny stock world, you are in for one wild ride. [Read more...]

5 Penny Stocks to Watch For Tuesday March 27 – NEOM, SNDY, HBRM, EMPM, WTII

penny stocksNothing like a Fed Chairman mentioning the word stimulus to boost the market. Fed Chief Ben Bernanke gave a speech yesterday morning saying the need for additional stimulus remains. Investors read that as an indication that QE3 was around the corner and reacted with a buying frenzy. The Dow ended the day up 161 points to close at 13,242. The Nasdaq tacked on 55 points and the S&P 500 added 19 points.

The rally on the street was set against backdrop of another economic data point miss. Pending home sales, expecting a rise, declined from January to February. The housing market at this point is just refusing to recover. Couple that with an anemic labor market and the recovery is halting at best, a mirage at worst.

No matter what the broader market does, you can always count on penny stocks to give you the volatility. Today was no different as several old pumps continued to churn volume. Some new faces emerged in the pack giving day traders something to feast on. [Read more...]

6 Penny Stocks With Volume to Watch – SNPK, NEOM, SNDY, ECOS, BFLX, IMUC

penny stocksAfter a dismal week on the street, the major indices managed to close on a brighter note. Even with the positive close across the three major indices, the markets endured their worst week of 2012. The Dow closed up 34.59 points to 13,080.73. The Nasdaq added just over 4 points to close at 3067.92. Rounding out the positive day on the street, the S&P 500 added 4.33 points to close at 1,397.11.

Lukewarm data started the market off in the red but analysts said it was as if people that had missed the recent rally decided to buy the dip. This helped send stocks higher across the board. Plus a drop in the dollar helped commodities recover some of their lost ground.

The world of penny stocks continued to be dominated by older pumps. Lots of volatility in the usual suspects as everyone gears up for the next big one in the coming weeks. If you are risk-tolerant there seems always be a volatile penny stock in play. [Read more...]

4 Penny Stocks Making Noise Today

penny stocksPenny stocks continue to be the seedy underbelly of the broader market. It is where fortunes can be made in minutes and life savings lost in the next. That has definitely been true over the past few days as we have seen stock promotions shoot up 100%+ only to crash back to earth.

On the broader market, AAPL is ruling the day with the announcement of its buy-back and dividend program. Once a bastion of low-growth stocks, dividends were normally something you put in your portfolio for that security. Like everything else Apple touches, it seems to have made the dividend cool again.

With Apple supporting the Nasdaq, the Dow is being led higher by Bank of America. Housing data helped fuel the turnaround during middy trading. The National Association of Home-builders and Wells Fargo both said their sentiment indexes remained at their highest levels in 5 years.

Investors are hopeful that continued good economic data will help fuel the market to greater heights. Housing will continue to be the focus the rest of the week. [Read more...]

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