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Spain Deficit Higher Than Expected, New Measures To Be Announced

The Spanish government will approve even more deficit-reduction measures this…

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Germany Continues To Deny Reports of ‘Elite Bonds’

Today, Germany continued to deny reports of a plan to float bonds together with…

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European Debt Crisis and Lower GDP Rules the Stock Market Today

The euro zone debt crisis continues to weigh heavily on investors today and…

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Forex Trading Roundup: EUR/USD Up, USD/JPY Down

In today’s forex trading roundup, the EUR/USD pair traded in the euro’s…

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Stocks Trading Flat on the Stock Market Today, ECB Buys Italian and Spanish Debt

Stocks are trading flat today with the major indexes moving only slightly. The…

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“Spain is as much of a disaster as Italy” Says Nouriel Roubini

While the markets are focused on Italy and Greece as the main problems of the…

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