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Stocks Fall Big on Stock Market Today: SNSS, UVXY, MWW, AEZS, KERX, BVSN

Wall StreetStocks are taking a licking today as Greek fears sends the Dow down more than 200 points. Greece is just one of many worries investors are facing right now including slower growth in China and in Europe. Even gold, which is seen as a flight to safety, is getting hit hard today. Oil prices are also dropping today and are currently around $105/barrel, down from nearly $110 last week.

There are some positive stocks in the stock market, but they are few and far between. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more active stocks today.

Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNSS) is up 17.65% this afternoon at $2.40. Analysts coverage was initiated today on SNSS by Canaccord Genuity and has a buy rating right now. Volume is well above average today with over 1.8 million shares traded, the stock trades about 156 thousand shares a day on average. The company has a market cap of 113.51 million. [Read more...]

Stock Market Today Down Slightly, Afternoon Movers: TOPS, INTU, WFT, INTC, ALU, WMT, C, CHK

list of nasdaq stocksThe market is seeing something it hasn’t seen in a while, a boring day. Stocks are down slightly in afternoon trading as investors pause on what may be the best two month start for stocks since 1991. Concerns over Europe could be the main cause for this lull as investors continue to wonder what will happen in the EU. Greece received approval for its second bailout package earlier this week, but it remains to be seen if the country will go through with agreed austerity measures following elections in April.

In the last hour of trading the Dow is down 23 points, the Nasdaq is down 12 points and the S&P 500 is down 3 points. [Read more...]

Stocks Trading Flat on the Stock Market Today, ECB Buys Italian and Spanish Debt

Stocks are trading flat today with the major indexes moving only slightly. The Dow is up 28 points right now, the Nasdaq is down 11 and the S&P is unchanged. Friday’s are notorious for being slow days as investors take a break for the weekend. Not a lot going on news wise today as Europe continues to be on investors’ minds. The ECB purchased Italian and Spanish debt today which gave the markets some comfort.

People in Spain are heading to the polls this weekend as they vote for their government leaders. Spain is becoming the new focal point for the European debt crisis and if they don’t get their debt under control they may need a bailout as well. The center-right opposition party is favored to win Sunday’s election, but will have little time to bask in their victory as they will need to begin implementing austerity measures immediately.

News closer to home is good today as data is suggesting the risk of recession is low. An index of leading economic indicators grew by 0.9% in October the largest such growth since February. Across the 10 indicators that make up leading economic indicators, 9 of them were positive. These include building permits, the interest-rate spread, average weekly manufacturing hours, stock prices, the real money supply, average weekly claims for unemployment-insurance benefits, consumer expectations, manufacturers’ new orders for consumer goods and materials, and manufacturers’ new orders for nondefense capital goods.

Overall, expect the rest of the day to be slow unless there is breaking news. Next week should also be slow with Thanksgiving holidays later in the week.

Stock Market Down Nearly 2% as Concerns Over Europe’s Debt Crisis Continue

The stock market today is down big with each of the major indexes down more than 1.5%. The Dow is down more than 180 points, the Nasdaq down 52 points and the S&P down 23 points. Europe continues to be the focal point for investors and not even positive U.S. economic data can budge the market.

Investors continue to worry about high yields on eurozone debt and there have been reports of Germany rejecting any talk of European Central Bank’s funding IMF EU bailouts. News closer to home was positive as jobless claims fell last week to a seven-month low. Construction saw good news as well with construction permits rising to their highest mark since early last year.

Another thing on the minds’ of investors is the upcoming deadline for the ‘supercommittee’ to deal with the U.S. debt. There hasn’t been much progress as decisions on how to deal with the deficit have broken along party lines.

In other news, Ocuppy protest clashes and arrests intensified today after protesters took to the streets in a nationwide ‘Day of Action.’ Many arrests were made in New York City and Dallas today.

Commodities also dropped today with oil and gold prices dropping more than 3%. Oil is down more than $3 and is trading below $100/barrel right now. Gold is down more than $50 at $1,720. Tomorrow will be another interesting trading day as Friday’s are historically down days as traders do not like holding over the weekend in case of any negative news hitting.

Markets are Down While Apple and Tech Stocks Fight the Trend

After five consecutive weeks of losses the market is down again this morning. The Dow has fallen nearly 39 points, while the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have fallen 11 and 7 points respectively. As the market struggles to gain ground a multitude of factors are keeping it down this morning while a few news makers fight to help the market rebound.

State and local governments are looking at record layoffs starting on July 1. This sector of the job market is expected to shed an additional 110,000 jobs and appears that teachers and school staff will see the majority of these layoffs. Local governments have finally begun feeling the crunch of the mortgage meltdown as the main source for their income, property taxes, is steadily dwindling down.

The Greek debt crisis has been the subject of many articles over the past few weeks and will continue to be a factor driving the movement of the U.S. market as well. On Monday Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou started a campaign to gain acceptance of and secure a new international bailout plan agreement between Greece and the European union and IMF. Under the successive deals with the European Union and IMF, Greece must impose several years of austerity with waves of budget cuts. Nearly 80,000 Greek citizens gathered in Athens Monday to protest the country’s dire state.

Tech stocks are among the few areas in the market that has the potential to see some growth as today begins the ever popular Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The E3 Conference is where tech companies reveal their latest gadgets and software that will set the tech world on fire. Video game developers lead the way for some of the positive influences in the Market today. Activision Blizzard, Inc (Nasdaq:ATVI), Majesco Entertainment (Nasdaq:COOL), and Electronic Arts, Inc (Nasdaq:ERTS) are among those set top reveal new software at the E3 conference.

While the E3 conference is ongoing in Los Angeles another technology juggernaut is expected to take the stage in San Francisco. Apple Inc.(Nasdaq:APPL) CEO Steve Jobs is expected to take the stage on Monday to announce iCloud, Apple’s foray into web-based cloud computing. Apple’s iCloud will allow its users to stream previously purchased content through iTunes to any Apple device. The announcement is also expected to help sales of Apple’s hardware.

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