United, Continental Merger Hits Snags

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United Airlines and Continental Airlines merger hit a few sangs over the weekend when the two combined reservation systems. Flight delays, broken kiosks and jammed phone lines were some of the problems travelers faced this weekend.

On Saturday, United Airlines integrated the reservation platform for Continental Airlines following the merger of the two companies to from the world’s largest airline. The new company is called United Airlines and is owned by United Continental Holdings Inc. (NYSE:UAL). The two companies spend months preparing for this weekend including training more nearly 15,000 workers on the new software. According to spokesman Megan McCarthy, the main problem was the company’s kiosk systems for checking in. Once these started to malfunction, travelers had to line up to see service agents which then caused delays.

The problems seemed to have been fixed by today with more than 80% of flights landing on time. Megan McCarthy added, “Our IT department still continues to fine-tune our system.”

Another issue travelers have encountered is a delay in merging the two airlines air-miles programs. United updated customers saying that air miles could take up to 3 days to updated.

United Continental Holdings (NYSE:UAL) closed Friday up 2.60% at $20.94. The stock is currently trading off its high of $25 a share in early February, but is still up on the year.

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